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Atlanta Realtor Relaunches Home Buying Program

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  • Realtor Carmela Moreno relaunched a program in Atlanta to help people buy homes.
  • “How to Buy a House” provides the tools for Hispanics to fulfill their dream.
  • Moreno presented her book, which contains a real life success story, that of her life.

By Elan Reyes Pineda

What the realtor Carmela Moreno is doing in the real estate market industry in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, is “revolutionary,” as it is helping families to buy their homes confidently and without the fear of “making bad decisions” when carrying out direct operations with a seller.

Moreno brought together all the actors in the buying and selling process, including several families and people interested in learning how to buy a house, through the program “How to buy a House”, promoted by her company “My Home in Atlanta,” and after the COVID-19 pandemic, she relaunched this novel mechanism.

A book as a guide

Photo: Carmela Moreno

The businesswoman has been so successful that after having created her real estate agency in 2017, she has relaunched her new way of selling homes, in association with financial entities, insurers, law firms and companies that qualify the people who are eligible.

In this event, this woman from Peru highlighted how life in the United States can be changed to help others, having prepared herself for this great entrepreneurial moment and that she tells in her book “From Cleaner to Successful House Seller” (From House Cleaner to Successfull Real State Agent).

Four successful women

Photo: Elan Reyes

In front of the attending public, she was accompanied by four other women who lead highly relevant firms, to complete the circle of this process that is offered to clients who want to have a house as part of their family patrimony.

Carmela Moreno said when presenting her book that her work represents an educational manual for all those people who want to be successful in life, because she wants to become a source of inspiration, due to her story of courage, which she has been forging since she was very young. decided to come to the United States.

Business testimonials

Karen Quintanilla, representative of an accounting firm. Photo: Elan Reyes

Karen Quintanilla, from a company of accountants, said that it should help to establish trust when paying taxes, because it is an investment that must be projected with professional help, and for this she supports Carmela’s project.

For her part, Pilar Gigante, of the company Lueder, Larkin & Hunter closing attorneys, was pleased to help a real estate company to work together, including banking information, which in the end is a legitimate and smooth process for a buyer.

Customers who appreciate

.Jesus Esquivel and his wife assure that “Carmela gave them a lot of confidence.” Photo: Elan Reyes

Also presented his testimony one of the buyers, Jesús Esquivel, a young father of a family who together with his wife made a purchase closing with Carmela Moreno, whom they described as a facilitator to buy their home.

“Doña Carmela advised us and we had a great experience, said this beneficiary of“ How to buy a House ”, he assured.

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