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Meet Astro, Amazon’s new home robot

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  • Amazon introduced a new home robot.
  • It is Astro, which has three wheels and a screen.
  • The robot dog will be priced at a thousand dollars.

Amazon celebrated its traditional autumn hardware presentation, in which they updated their Echo line and introduced Astro, a cute little robot that roams freely around the house like a dog with a smart screen.





Astro has three wheels (two at the front and a small one at the back) and a “neck” from which a screen hangs, on which two expressive eyes are drawn to give it more personality.


Photo: Amazon

The screen is fundamentally like any smart device from Amazon’s Echo line, so it allows you to display content, make video calls and give specific information, among others, only in this case it is mobile. In addition, the Seattle firm assured that Astro knows how to interpret orders such as going to a specific room in the house and delivering an object to a specific person (something that is achieved through facial recognition), as well as monitoring the home when no one is there. at.

One of Astro’s mobility limitations, however, is that it cannot go up or down stairs. The robot, the first created by Amazon, is priced at $ 1,000 and the company has listed it as a «Day 1 Edition» product, a classification that implies that the only way to buy it will be by requesting an invitation from the company in advance.


Photo: Amazon

Although the robot was what made headlines on Tuesday, the e-commerce giant also unveiled the largest smart wall-hanging display of its entire line to date, the 15.6-inch Echo Show 15 resolution. 1080p HD, priced at $ 250.

With a design that imitates that of a painting hanging on the wall, Echo Show 15 has a full view mode so that the user can reproduce the image they want in large dimensions, although this can also be reduced to half the screen and share the space with useful information. Thus, the options range from watching streaming content from Amazon Prime Video or Netflix to receiving in real time the video signal from a security camera installed at the access door to the home.


Photo: Amazon

The firm directed by Andy Jassy also surprised with an extravagant device, similar to a periscope, dubbed Amazon Glow and that combines videoconferencing functions with those of a projector. Glow, which is priced at $ 300, is designed with the little ones in mind, so that when they get bored during a video call with friends or family, they can project video games or other entertainment from the device itself with which to play with their interlocutors. .

Among the rest of Amazon’s announcements on Tuesday are a $ 70 smart thermostat and a voice assistant designed for use at DisneyWorld and Disneyland amusement parks that responds to the command: «Hey, Disney.»


On the left Andy Jassy, ​​new president and CEO of Amazon. Photo: Getty Images.

Today was the company’s first major “hardware” presentation event since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO on July 5 to focus on other personal projects and was replaced by Andy Jassy, of his highest confidence and who for years led the company’s lucrative cloud computing division, AWS.

Bezos thus ended a long 27-year stint at the helm of Amazon that led him to be the richest man in the world, according to the Forbes list, and although he left the day-to-day management, he is still linked to the company he founded, now as CEO.

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