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Arizona gubernatorial and Senate candidates fueled by conspiracy theories

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  • Arizona Republicans push extreme conspiracy theories.
  • Voters will decide on November 8.
  • Are they following Trump’s playbook?

Arizona is being held up as a prime example of how well conspiracy theories work for Republican candidates, with Kari Lake and Blake Masters doing surprisingly well in the polls. Find out about the conspiracy theories fueling the candidates running for governor and the Senate in Arizona.

Lake, a former news anchor, is getting closer to becoming the Governor of Arizona, running against Democrat Katie Hobbs. Meanwhile Masters is putting up a good fight against current progressive senator Mark Kelly, who nevertheless still has a lead of about three points, according to EFE Agency.

Conspiracy theories fuel Republican candidates in Arizona

Conspiracies fuel Arizona gubernatorial and Senate candidates
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Both support the so-called «big lie» of president Donald Trump about the alleged electoral fraud that gave the victory to Democrat Joe Biden in 2020.

«The Republican Party in Arizona is dominated by Trump supporters, its ideology is extremist and its positions are based on conspiracy theories,» Anna O’leary, director of the Department of Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona, told EFE.

The female version of Trump?

The female version of Trump?
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To many Latino organizations, Lake is a female version of Trump who has no respect for the state legislative process and would try to impose her extremist policies. Lake wants to remove any piece of software from the vote-counting process that she says «can be tampered with,» according to EFE.

In addition, both candidates have resisted publicly committing to accepting the results of the elections in the event that they are defeated at the polls. O’leary said that the reluctance of Lake and Masters to recognize the validity of the past elections jeopardizes the basis of democracy in the US.

“Extreme ideological movement that seeks to transform the electoral system”

"Extreme ideological movement that seeks to transform the electoral system"
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«We are facing an extreme ideological movement that seeks to transform the electoral system, something that could reduce the electoral participation of minorities,» she added. Both candidates have also promised to maintain a tough policy against undocumented immigration.

Masters vows to finish building Trump’s border wall and triple the number of Border Patrol agents to stem the «invasion» of immigrants invited by what he sees as Biden’s failed policies. Due to the closeness of the contest, both parties are struggling to attract the independent vote and also that of Latinos, a growing voting bloc in this state.

More than 644,000 Latinos will vote in Arizona this November

More than 644,000 Latinos will vote next November in Arizona
PHOTO: Getty Images

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) projects that more than 644,000 Latinos will vote this November in Arizona. It notes that between 2014 and 2018 “there was a dramatic 61.5% increase in participation,” according to EFE.

More money has been invested at the national level in ads in Spanish to attract the Latino vote in these Arizona races, according to AdImpact. The Democratic Party has earmarked a little more than $2.5 million for ads in Spanish in the state, while the Republicans have spent about $440,000.

Conspiracy theories reflect an ‘extreme ideology’

Conspiracies have shown an 'extreme ideology'
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Other Republican candidates who embraced extremist ideology include Mark Finchem, who is running for Secretary of State and does not accept the 2020 election result either. Finchem, who was present during the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 by Trumpists, proposes to eliminate the early voting system.

The Republican is facing Democrat Adrian Fontes, the only Latino who aspires to one of the highest positions in the state. Tom Horne has run for Superintendent of Education for the State of Arizona, a position that the Republican held previously in 2003, according to EFE.

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