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Arizona border closure and new wall in Texas increase tensions

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Arizona, border, closure, Texas, immigration
Arizona border closure (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Tensions over Arizona border closure.
  • Greg Abbott announces a controversial new wall in Texas.
  • Migrants are suffering.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sparked new controversy by announcing a new border wall in Eagle Pass, Texas.

According to a source from the National Guard, who spoke to MundoNow, this attempt to curb immigration is part of a series of efforts and strategies that have been implemented by the governor in recent months.

This includes the installation of floating buoys covered with razor wire to stop people from crossing the Rio Grande.

Activist Jeanette Vizguerra has expressed her opposition to the new wall, arguing that «not even this type of fence is going to stop immigration.»

Nothing will stop immigrants desperate to enter the U.S.

Closing of the border and new wall, USA, alert, migration, immigrants

She insists that there’s no obstacle that will deter immigrants and that migration is a normal occurance around the world.

Vizguerra’s perspective seems to match what the National Guard officer says.

He recognizes that, although the fence has contributed to deterring crossings in that area, migrants will simply look for other ways to get across.

«To be honest, it has worked to deter passing through this point. However, immigrants continue to enter at other points with the boat ramp used by the Border Patrol,» the official explained.

Jeanette Vizguerra criticizes Greg Abbott

Bridge, barbed wires, thorns, closure, passage


Jeanette Vizguerra also criticizes Governor Abbott, accusing him of enacting anti-immigrant laws and putting people’s lives at risk.

She says the obstacles that are being implemented threaten the safety and well-being of those who are simply seeking a better life in the United States.

«The obstacles he is putting up are threatening people’s lives,» said the activist.

However, there are conflicting opinions on the border, as some residents support Governor Abbott’s policies.

‘We have never seen anything like this’

River, crossing, American Dream, United States, police

A Hispanic woman from El Paso alleges that the situation has gotten out of control and is negatively affecting residents, telling MundoNow: «We have never seen anything like this.»

Immigration lawyer, Jhonatan Shawn talked to MundoNow about the legality of these measures.

«These actions of building a wall or a fence, as long as it is on the United States side, may be legal, it is not the same situation that we saw with the buoys that were on the Mexico side,» he explained.

He continued: «Closing a small part of the border with something like this really does not achieve what the United States as a country wants to achieve.»

Arizona closes a port of entry

Border Patrol, Arizona, Border, Texas, Governor

This comes amid the announcement that a port of entry in Lukeville, Arizona will be closed, according to The Associated Press.

Customs and Border Protection authorities have taken this measure due to the significant increase in migrants crossing illegally.

They aim to redirect resources and allow operations officials to work with Border Patrol in apprehending and processing new arrivals.

In the last week, the Border Patrol has made 17,500 arrests in the Tucson sector, exceeding the daily average for September.

Illegal border crossings aren’t safe for immigrants

Greg Abbott, buoys, road, coyotes, centers, opportunity

This increase is attributed to traffickers who spread misinformation to prey on vulnerable people.

The duration of the closure in Lukeville has not been specified, generating uncertainty in the community.

This new scenario highlights the complexity of the immigration problem and the urgency with which the border situation must be addressed.

The controversy surrounding the implementation of obstacles and the closure of border crossings highlights the need to approach this situation from diverse perspectives and seek solutions that balance security with humanity.

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