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Argentine journalist says Mexicans are inferior (VIDEO)

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Alejandro Fantino arremete mexicanos
  • Argentine journalist insults Mexicans.
  • He belittles the level of soccer in Mexico.
  • «Mexicans want to be us and they can’t.»

Finally, the grand finale of the World Cup Qatar 2022, where Argentina will face the current champion France in a duel that will spark a lot of excitement, has arrived. The final match will take place on Sunday, December 18, when the best in the world will be decided.

Since reaching the final, the Argentines have been a bit arrogant and even journalists have made comments that that other Latin American countries have not been happy about. This week, after their victory against the Croatian team, a journalist insulted Mexicans.

Argentine journalist Alejandro Fantino insults Mexicans

Argentine journalist Alejandro Fantino attacks Mexicans

Argentine journalist Alejandro Fantino dedicated a few words to the Mexicans, during his program Multiverso Fantino. He said that the Mexicans wanted to be like the Argentines, regarding football, after having reached the World Cup final.

In the video you can see how he lashes out at Mexico, saying that they are inferior to Argentina in the world of soccer. This made many people unhappy and they responded to Fantino on social media.

«They have an inferiority complex»

Alejandro Fantino attacks Mexicans: "They have an inferiority complex with us."

The former ESPN FC host was extremely arrogant and implied that he would be attacked if he went to Mexico. «Because the Mexicans have an inferiority complex, the Mexicans want to be us and they can’t,» he began, according to Mediotiempo.

“They can’t, they don’t make it. They dream of playing soccer like us, I’m talking about soccer, of course. They want to become the Argentine National Team, they cannot, even if they paint their shirts light blue and white, abandoning the green, they will not be able to,” he added. Filed Under: Alejandro Fantino lashes out at Mexicans

“We have European roots”

"we have european roots"

In the same way, he spoke about the quality of the Argentine team, where players with European ancestry stand out. According him, this is why the play soccer so well and for this reason they are superior to Mexico, according to infobae.

“Because we are Argentina, we play soccer like this, we were born like this. A lot of issues are communicated. We play (like this) because we have European roots,” said the Argentine journalist. People immediately criticized Alejandro Fantino on social media. Filed Under: Alejandro Fantino lashes out at Mexicans

He is attacked on social media

He is attacked on social media

Some internet users commented: «His words are arrogant, but deep down he’s right.» «Where does he get this that we want to be like Argentines?» «Argentines only live for football, that’s why in the other things they are in misery.”

“That is true, just as you Argentines would like to be like us Mexicans, have at least a healthier economy than the one you have.” “And then people ask me why I speak of their arrogance. Superiority complex is that they believe that everyone wants to be like them.” “Any Mexican who says that we play like them? NO ONE.» “This man with complexes tells us we have complexes,” were some comments. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Alejandro Fantino lashes out at Mexicans

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