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Former Argentine beauty queen dies after undergoing cosmetic surgery

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Argentine beauty queen dies, News, Crown, MundoNow, Mourning
FOTOS: Mezcalent, Argentine beauty queen dies
  • Former Argentine beauty queen dies.
  • They reveal how the events happened.
  • She underwent cosmetic surgery.

A beloved former Vendimial queen, well-known actress, and merchant from the San Rafael department in southern Mendoza has tragically passed away recently.

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Farewell to a multifaceted woman

 actress, merchant, death, cosmetic surgery, complications
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Her death was reported in the city of Los Angeles, United States.

It has been revealed that she died after suffering complications following cosmetic surgery, her relatives reported today.

Jaqueline Carrieri was just one week away from turning 49; unfortunately, she died a few hours ago «after having undergone cosmetic surgery.»

«In addition to a complication, it generated a clot that took her life,» said those close to her.

Former Argentine beauty queen dies

Los Angeles, community, artistic legacy, Teatro Roma, children, tragedy, fashion boutique
Former Argentine beauty queen dies PHOTO: Shutterstock

From the social media accounts of “Reinas Vendimiales San Rafael Mendoza,” she was remembered as “a woman of great talent.”

«Having been an actress in one of the plays that took place at the Roma Theater until just a few days ago,» they reported.

We share this sad news with our followers: Jaqueline Carrieri, who was the Departmental Viceroy, has passed away today.

“The Sanrafaelina passed away in Los Angeles, California, due to a stroke that is believed to have been caused by a cosmetic operation,” adds the statement from the former vintage sovereigns.

An Outstanding Artistic Legacy

medical security, aesthetic procedures, pain, support, solidarity, Departmental Vicereina
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The news deeply moved friends and the community of San Rafael, as she was a well-known merchant, actress, and former Vendimial Queen of the Mendoza department.

Carrieri leaves behind two minor children who were with her in the United States.

From the San Rafael Vendimia Facebook page, they bid her farewell with emotional words, saying:

“Rest in peace, Your Majesty!” They recalled, “Jaqueline represented the Punta del Agua district as queen and was elected Departmental Viceroy in 1996.”

They reveal everything she did in life

Yolanda Ciani dies, actress, Mexican cinema, legacy, famous
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The La Nación portal reported that for years she was in charge of dressing our Vintage Queens with her fashion boutique.

Jaqueline Carrieri, an iconic figure in San Rafael and the entertainment world, left an indelible mark on the community.

She was born on September 30, 1974, and from a young age immediately stood out for her beauty and charisma.

This led her to be crowned Departmental Vicereina in 1996, proudly representing her beloved district of Punta del Agua.

Former beauty queen dies: She stood out as an actress

 Punta del Agua, boutique, family, friends, community, influence, style, fashion
PHOTO: Shutterstock

However, her success and legacy were not limited to her vintage reign. Jaqueline also stood out as an actress at the Teatro Roma.

She captivated audiences with her talent and passion for the performing arts. Her presence on stage was unforgettable, and her departure leaves an irreplaceable void.

But beyond her public achievements, Jaqueline was a passionate and successful merchant, known for her fashion boutique in San Rafael.

For years, she dressed the Vendimial Queens and many women in the community with her unique style and personalized attention.

Los Angeles, where the tragedy happened

Ex-beauty queen dies, Vendimiales, farewell, Vicereina, fashion, show, fashion boutique,
Former Argentine beauty queen dies PHOTO: Shutterstock

The news of her tragic death in Los Angeles, California, has moved everyone who knew and loved her, stated ‘La Nación.’

The cosmetic surgery she underwent, which should have been a routine procedure, turned into an unexpected tragedy.

A complication that resulted in a clot ended her life prematurely, leaving her loved ones in sadness and pain.

Jaqueline Carrieri was also the mother of two minor children, who were with her in the United States. (CLICK HERE TO GO TO A PHOTOGRAPH).

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