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Toddler dies during 12-hour exorcism performed by her family

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Girl dies, Hispanic, exorcism, Latinos, USA- Niña, hispana, exorcismo, latinos, EEUU
Arely Naomi Proctor exorcism (Photo: San Jose Police Department)
  • Arely Naomi Proctor dies during exorcism.
  • The 3-year-old struggled to escape.
  • Her family faces charges.

A three-year-old girl was allegedly killed during an exorcism performed by her mother, grandfather and uncle in a church in San Jose, California.

The deadline to bring her accused killers to justice is approaching and the judge is trying to determine if there is enough evidence to bring the case to trial.

Arely Naomi Proctor apparently died at the hands of her mother, Claudia Elisa Hernández, her maternal uncle, René ‘Aarón’ Hernández Santos and her grandfather, René Trigueros Hernández.

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Arely Naomi Proctor died during an exorcism

Girl, Hispanic, exorcism, Latinos, USA,Girl Dies in Exorcism, Arely Naomi
Photo: San Jose Police Department

In September 2021, Arely Naomi was laid on the altar of the Pentecostal church led by her grandfather to rid her of a demon.

Judicial documents indicate that Hernández began to believe her daughter was possessed on September 23, 2021, after the child woke up crying and frightened.

That night, according to the police report, she and her brother began to pray for the little girl.

They stopped feeding her and planned an exorcism for 6 am the next day.

The exorcism lasted 12 hours

perpetrator, church, accused, arrest, detained, police
Photo: San Jose Police Department

According to investigators, the ritual the toddler was subjected to lasted almost 12 hours.

Local firefighters confirmed her death at just past 6:30 pm on September 24, 2021.

The Santa Clara County Prosecutor’s Office presented compelling evidence.

They described how Arely Naomi Proctor was subjected to physical abuse, resulting in internal injuries and subsequently the girl’s death.

Her family showed no mercy

Girl, Hispanic, exorcism, Latinos, USA
Photo: San Jose Police Department

The prosecution presented the little girl’s autopsy report in court, which revealed the brutality of the injuries she suffered before her death.

Arely had brain swelling, blood in her lungs, marks on her neck, and injuries inside her mouth.

These were caused when her mother put her fingers down the child’s throat to make her vomit, authorities said.

According to the prosecution, Arely tried to free herself while the adults held her down on the church floor. They finally released her when she vomited and stopped breathing.

What happened?

perpetrators, murder, manslaughter, attack, innocent , Arely Naomi
Photo: San Jose Police Department

The three adults face charges of severe child abuse against a child under eight years old, causing her death.

None of them has denied their involvement in the exorcism. However, Judge Hanley Chew needs to confirm there is sufficient evidence to take them to trial.

The defense has argued that the girl’s family members never intended to kill her.

Instead, they showed a genuine intention to purify the girl from a supposed «demon.»

Arely Naomi Proctor is now at peace

Girl, Hispanic, exorcism, Latinos, USA, Arely Naomi
Photo: San Jose Police Department

The toddler’s mother maintains she discussed everything she was doing with God over a period of three weeks.

«God told Claudia this was happening because she was never meant to be a mother,» the prosecution wrote in their report.

Despite the years that have passed since Arely Naomi’s death, the case continues to shock the San Jose community.

Some condemn what happened inside the Church of Apostles and Prophets, while others, based on their beliefs, think such possession could have been possible.

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