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Antonella Pilar, the Daughter of Nostradamus, predicts a new pandemic

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  • The Daughter of Nostradamus makes shocking revelations.
  • The Peruvian clairvoyant Antonella Pilar predicts a new pandemic.
  • She warns of the arrival of a deadly new virus.

In her most recent post on her official YouTube channel, where she has 180,000 subscribers, the Peruvian clairvoyant Antonella Pilar, better known as the Daughter of Nostradamus, predicts the onset of a new pandemic, in addition to warning of the arrival of a deadly Covid variant.

The psychic, as mentioned on her official website, is known for having predicted the earthquakes that occurred in countries like Chile, Peru, Japan and Mexico as well as in California. She also predicted the deaths of Prince Philip and the Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez.

Shocking predictions from the Daughter of Nostradamus

Shocking predictions of the Daughter of Nostradamus
photo youtube

The Daughter of Nostradamus revealed that several ancient diseases will return soon: “I see people scratching and crying. Itching, burning, itching, but the cards tell me that this will be something visible on the skin, very strong, affecting families, children, the elderly and people over 29 years of age.”

The clairvoyant warned her followers to be careful, because something new is coming: “The cards say that a new virus is coming but we’re going to be told that it’s not new — that it’s a variant or a mutation. But it’s something new with similar or worse symptoms,” said Antonella Pilar.

What awaits humanity in the coming months?

What awaits humanity in the coming months?
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Next, the psychic shared that there will be different Covid mutations that will affect both men and women in different ways, as well as the economy: “[The cards] speak of a virus that reproduces in water and multiplies in the air. They speak of mutations that are spread by touch.”

And when it was thought that this would be all, the Daughter of Nostradamus warned that a new virus will come, which will be known as the ‘killer killer’ virus: “This is the isolation card and it tells us that they will lock us up in the coming months. I visualize people bleeding from their nostrils and throwing up black phlegm from their mouths.”

Daughter of Nostradamus warns of the arrival of ‘orangutan fever’

Daughter of Nostradamus warns of the arrival of 'orangutan fever'
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But the worst was yet to come, as the Daughter of Nostradamus predicts the arrival of the ‘orangutan fever’ as well as the King Kong variant. The Peruvian clairvoyant wanted to do another card reading to find out how all this will affect the world economy but first she wanted to find out about the arrival of other events.

“Be very careful, cyber attacks are coming. But in nine months, a positive change is coming at the economic level, although the cards speak of an energy of panic. The cards also tell me about cures of important diseases. I also visualize that blackouts are coming. There will be no light, there will be no internet and we will not be able to communicate,” said Antonella Pilar.

Daughter of Nostradamus: “We will have a galactic solar storm”

"We will have a galactic solar storm": Daughter of Nostradamus
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Before concluding, the Daughter of Nostradamus anticipated that there will be a galactic solar storm, so the sun could explode in 2031: “But this vision shows me other things: the Statue of Liberty and the Angel (of Independence) of Mexico split in two. One on the ground, I see a ditch, and the other floating.”

“This card also tells me that the elite is divided. The people who control the world and dominate the economy. There is a part of them that are in favor of new ideologies and support certain issues because they don’t want there to be more people and they want to be the ones that control the world, together with those who are submissive and obedient. But another part of them is against this and that is why we see so much conflict in the world,” she concluded (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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