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Horrifying details about the murder of Anggy Díaz, the immigrant decapitated by her husband

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Anggy Díaz, una inmigrante de Nicaragua en Estados Unidos, murió decapitada por su esposo Jared James Dicus en una zona rural de Texas.
  • The young Nicaraguan immigrant came to a tragic end.
  • Details of Anggy Díaz and her murder come to light.
  • Now, Jared James Dicus will pay the price for his heinous actions.

The horrible murder of a young woman from Nicaragua has sparked anger, sadness and endless questions about her brief and stormy marriage. Now, terrifying details of Anggy Díaz’s murder and decapitation have been revealed.

According to KHOU 11, a surveillance video showed Jared James Dicus entering the store where is wife worked on the day she was killed. Anggy Díaz was found beheaded in Waller County, Texas.

Immigrant beheaded by her husband identified

Immigrant beheaded by her husband identified
PHOTO: MN Archive

Last Wednesday, the deceased woman was identified as Anggy Diaz, a 21-year-old immigrant from Nicaragua. Her husband, Jared Dicus, has already been charged in her death, Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry confirmed.

Deputies were called to the couple’s home just before 4:30 p.m. in response to a report of a dead woman Wednesday. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found Díaz inside the house, which is right behind her in-laws’ house.

Authorities reported previous calls for domestic disturbances

Authorities reported previous calls for marriage disturbances
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

County Sheriff Troy Guidry said a kitchen knife was used in Anggy Diaz’s murder. Also, he said there had been previous calls about disturbances from the home, but «nothing to this extent or level of violence».

KHOU 11 reported the sheriff gave horrifying details about the murder. Anggy’s head appeared to have been severed and her decapitated body was left inside the house. Dicus remained in the house until officers arrived. He and his family were questioned and he later confessed to the murder, according to detectives. This is still an ongoing investigation.

Anggy Díaz’s turbulent marriage

'Unimaginable' details of Anggy Díaz and their relationship are revealed
PHOTO: Capture website KHOU 11

Díaz’s close friends told KHOU 11 that she was from Nicaragua and worked two jobs to try to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment at home. Her coworkers described her as a young woman who was full of joy and they said that she was always smiling.

Diaz and Dicus had just gotten married in October 2022 after meeting at her job. Her friends said they could see that something was not right after the wedding, but they never expected it to end this way.

«There were days when she was different»

Anggy's close friends revealed: "There were days when she was different"
PHOTO: Capture GoFounMe website

«She was happy, very happy with her husband,» said Díaz’s boss, Verónica Jiménez in an interview for KHOU 11. «But there were days when she was different. She was tired, but I wasn’t sure if she was tired because of her work or because of her relationship.”

A GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for Diaz’s funeral has been set up. Her family cannot afford to pay the expenses. In addition, a vigil in her honor will be held Saturday at Oak Hollow Park in Magnolia.

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