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They criticize Ángela Aguilar for her clothing at Premios Lo Nuestro (PHOTO)

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Ángela Aguilar at Premios, Singer, Hair, MundoNow, News
Ángela Aguilar at Premios o Nuestro (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Ángela Aguilar at Premios Lo Nuestro.
  • The singer’s new look sparks criticism.
  • Opinions divided on social networks.

On Thursday, February 22nd, the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony unfolded, honoring esteemed Latin personalities.

Among the winners were the Mexican artists Ángela Aguilar and Yuridia, who claimed the evening’s initial accolades for the best mariachi/ranchera song of the year with «Qué agonía.»

In addition to their award, Ángela Aguilar, daughter of Pepe Aguilar, garnered significant attention for her choice of attire during the gala, sparking a flurry of discussion.

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Ángela Aguilar’s striking appearance left a profound impression on viewers and her devoted followers, eliciting both admiration and criticism.

Her bold transformation, marked by long hair and attire reflecting the Coquette trend, brought a «fresher» aura according to some observers.

Yet, this new style stirred controversy, as certain internet users felt that the ensemble didn’t complement her innate beauty.

Social media platforms became the primary arena where critiques of the regional Mexican singer were unleashed.

Ángela Aguilar at Premios Lo Nuestro

Singer, Music, Mexican, Artist, Ángela Aguilar Premios Lo Nuestro
Photo: Getty Images

The users’ opinions found expression through the official ‘Univisión’ account on the popular social media, Instagram.

A video shared by the network’s profile captured Ángela Aguilar walking arm in arm with her brother, Leonardo.

She adorned a white cocktail-style dress on the upper portion, complemented by a lace design on the lower part.

The ensemble was finished with black sneakers, coordinating with the ribbons accenting the dress.

The controversy around Ángela Aguilar

Celebrities, Controversy, Social Networks, Trend, Instagram
Photo: Getty Images

Ángela Aguilar’s departure from her usual short, close-to-the-face hairstyle was a noticeable change this time.

She sported slightly longer, straightened hair, a style that seemed to flatter her by creating a slimmer appearance.

However, opinions on her transformation were split across virtual platforms.

Some lauded her boldness in experimenting with her image, while others questioned her stylistic decisions and expressed dissatisfaction with her choice of dress for the occasion.

Reactions on social media

Reactions, Criticisms, Scandal, Showbiz, Personalities
Photo: Getty Images

Some critical comments surfaced: «She’s so young, but she looks like an old lady,» «Hateful,» «She walked strangely and I didn’t like her wig,» and «She’s Argentine,» were among the sentiments shared.

Conversely, positive remarks also emerged: «At last he behaved decently,» «Heavy blood,» «It seems that he was going to his first communion,» and «Perfect lady says to herself,» were noted.

Further critiques included: «And that grandmother?,» «Angela Aguilar looks very strange with that wig,» «That dress didn’t fit her well,» and «It looks like she was uncomfortable.»

However, amidst the criticisms, compliments were not lacking: «She looks prettier,» «Pretty,» «Beautiful,» «Very beautiful young lady,» and «How pretty she is, very talented.»

Beauty standards and artistic freedom

Speculation, Controversy, Figures, Award, Shock
Ángela Aguilar Lo Nuestro Awards. Photo: Mezcalent

Ángela Aguilar’s dramatic transformation ignited discussions about beauty standards and the freedom of artistic expression within the entertainment industry.

Amidst the criticism, her courage in challenging established norms within show business deserves acknowledgment.

Her actions signify an act of empowerment and authenticity in a realm often overshadowed by rigid expectations and stereotypes.

The Lo Nuestro Awards serve not only as a platform for showcasing Latino musical talent but also as a mirror reflecting the diversity and cultural richness within our society. HERE the video of Ángela Aguilar’s outfit.

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