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Andy Ruiz opens up about his relationship with Mayeli Alonso

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Andy Ruiz rompe el silencio sobre su relación con Mayeli Alonso
  • Andy Ruiz opens up about Mayeli Alonso on Instagram.
  • He addressed the recent controversy.
  • Rumors have swirled that the two are dating.

California boxer Andy Ruiz is once again involved in a controversy.

This time, he resorted to releasing a statement on social media regarding his relationship status.

He opened up about his relationship with Mayeli Alonso.

Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife shared several moments with Andy Ruiz on social media and her followers began to speculate about a supposed romance between Andy and Mayeli.

Andy Ruiz opens up about his relationship with Mayeli Alonso

Andy Ruiz assures that "he opened his heart" in his relationship with Mayeli Alonso
PHOTO: Instagram

Andy continued that the issue escalated to the point that it was affecting his daily life so he decided to be honest with his fans and said that he «opened his heart» to Lupillo Rivera’s ex.

«In this regard, and in order to have my public and the media duly informed, I clarify that at the time I decided to open my heart again, my previous romantic relationship had already ended.»

On his official Instagram account, the boxer released a statement addressing the rumors that he and Mayeli Alonso were dating, Andy Ruiz said the following in the statement.

«In recent days, an article regarding my personal life that was handled in a wrong and disrespectful way has been circulating through various Spanish-speaking media.»

The boxer wants to enjoy his new love in peace

The boxer wants to live this stage of love in peace
PHOTO: Instagram

The media have been busy trying to get a response from Mayeli Alonso regarding her relationship with the boxer.

However, she is handling it discreetly and has not said a word.

Andy Ruiz said that he wants to enjoy this stage of love in peace.

“I want to live this new stage of my life that began recently peacefully. All human beings deserve a new opportunity to find happiness and that is exactly what I’m doing right now and I thank God for it.»

The boxer says that he will not neglect his children and his wife

The boxer assures that he will not neglect his children and his wife
Andy Ruiz opens up about Mayeli / PHOTO: Instagram

The boxer sent a message to his children and Julie Ruiz, his ex-wife, saying that even if he’s embarking on a new romance, he will not leave them behind and will respect them.

«It should be noted in the same way, that I will seek the well-being of my children and always respect their mothers, thank you very much for the support and I ask you for respect in this time of life,» concluded Ruiz.

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