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Boxer Andy Ruiz is accused of rape by ex-girlfriend

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Boxeador Andy Ruiz violación
  • Mexican-American Boxer Andy Ruiz is accused of rape.
  • His ex-girlfriend accuses him of abuse.
  • Andy Ruiz flatly denies the claim.

Mayeli Alonso’s current boyfriend, Mexican boxer Andy Ruiz has been accused of rape by his ex, Julia Lemus. Journalist Nelssie Carrillo and El Heraldo de Mexico say she was granted a temporary restraining order.

The athlete had a romantic relationship with Lemus for about seven years. Her lawsuit says that he abused her sexually and emotionally during that time.


Boxer Andy Ruiz rape
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Julia Lemus obtained a restraining order against the boxer on April 6 in San Diego. She says he physically and emotionally abused her for years.

She also alleges that the athlete endangered and threatened the couple’s two small children, which what prompted her to press charges.

What does the complaint say?

Box Mexico
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According to Nelssie Carrillo, Julia Lemus argued in her petition for a restraining order that «(he) sexually, physically, and psychologically abused me, making me feel like I had to walk on eggshells around him.»

The complaint indicates that the alleged abuse escalated in 2019, after Ruiz beat Anthony Joshua in a super heavyweight title fight. At that time, the boxer began aggressively grabbing her arms and dragging her around. The 26-year-old accuses him of hitting her and causing bruises on her arms and legs.


Boxer Andy Ruiz rape
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The complainant stated that, earlier this year, the Mexican athlete pointed an AK-47 rifle at her face, making her fear for her safety. “He told me to shut up and then I noticed that the guns had no bullets, so he started telling me that I was being very dramatic,” she explained.

But in the month of February the alleged attacks escalated, as the young woman accuses him of having raped her at least six times, actions that she reported to the San Diego Police Department, where she was granted a restraining order. Filed Under: Boxer Andy Ruiz Rape


Box Mexico
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After learning of the complaint, the Mexican boxer has denied abusing his ex, whom he accuses of stealing $250,000 from him, in addition to threatening him with a firearm in April 2020. No more is known so far on the status of the complaint filed before the judge.

Ruiz doesn’t believe that the allegations made against him are important enough to take him away from his children, nor that he is a danger to them.

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