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Andrés García’s wife asks for prayers for his health

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  • The actor has been worrying his family for several months now.
  • Andrés García’s life full of excess brought him to this moment.
  • Is he short on time?

Andrés García is in a serious condition, as his wife Margarita Portillo announced, this after she found him lying on the floor at his home in Acapulco, Guerrero on Wednesday, November 16, in an almost unconscious state. She had to bring him to the emergency room, where he was stabilized with oxygen.

The weakness caused by cirrhosis, anemia and respiratory failure due to pneumonia are conditions that have affected the health of the 81-year-old actor, a situation that has been aggravated by the recent consumption of illegal substances. He has been in this state for several months now.

A life full of excess

A life full of excesses
PHOTO: Twitter

Since the beginning of July, soap opera heartthrob Andrés García has been going through the darkest days of his life. It turns out that the actor’s health declined and he was hospitalized. As days passed he started feeling better. In fact, he posted a video sending a message to his fans, but his words worried his followers, as he pointed out that he felt that he was «close to the end.»

It was learned that the reason behind García’s hospitalization was an accident he suffered after ingesting a psychiatric medication, presumably apocryphal, which caused him an euphoric episode that kept him driving along the Costera de Acapulco in his vehicle at full speed.

His wife is desperate

His wife is desperate
PHOTO: Twitter

Margarita Portillo has asked his followers for help. The lady wanted them to ‘support’ her with a prayer for Andrés García’s health. In an interview with De Primera Mano, she said that the actor was hospitalized due to a strong bacterial pneumonia. The doctors also told her that he had overdosed.

«Because of the overdose, the most difficult hours are the first 72 hours… It was like my soul fell to my feet… I ordered an anti-doping test and it did come out positive for cocaine.» Said Margarita to the De Primera Mano program with Gustavo Infante.

Wife of Andrés García: He had an overdose

Wife of Andrés García: He had an overdose
PHOTO: Twitter

“Andrés is a sick person and has cirrhosis of the liver.» She said that she knows perfectly well who gave him the drug. He is a person with an addiction problem.

What is currently worrying Margarita about Andrés’s health is his pneumonia, which has him «on the verge of death», because his oxygen saturation is not adequate. «He is delicate, he cannot live without his oxygen tank, that’s what worries me, and then that he’s so foolish.»

Andrés García’s wife: «How sad»

Wife of Andres Garcia: "How sad"
PHOTO: Twitter

A photograph revealed on social networks shows the actor looking completely weak and bedridden, Andrés has had a very difficult few months. This snapshot had reactions of concern at how bad the Dominican looks. SEE FULL INTERVIEW HERE.

The comments of users mentioned the seriousness of the matter: «How sad the end of life, of the former gallant, for which many sighed when they saw him in his movies.»

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