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Andrea Meza announces her engagement: Is she leaving ‘Hoy Día’?

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Andrea Meza anuncia su compromiso FOTO: Mezcalent/Shutterstock
Andrea Meza announces her engagement (Photo: Mezcalent/Shutterstock)
  • Andrea Meza announces her engagement
  • Details of the incredible marriage proposal
  • Her future on Telemundo is uncertain

Andrea Meza, the acclaimed former Miss Universe, started the week with a surprise that left all her followers speechless.

Her boyfriend Ryan Proctor asked her to marry him in the middle of a public street in New York City.

The news soon went viral on social media, with many immediately congratulating the former beauty queen.

The details regarding his marriage proposal were announced a few hours ago.

The former Miss Universe receives a romantic proposal

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

The marriage proposal took place on Fifth Avenue in the Big Apple and was attended by close friends of the couple.

Some media outlets were also present to capture the exciting moment, which marked a milestone in Andrea and Ryan’s love story.

The news was announced through the magazine ‘Hola México’, which shared all the details of this spectacular marriage proposal.

The event unfolded impeccably, and the former Miss Universe could not contain her excitement as she accepted her beloved Ryan’s marriage proposal.

Andrea Meza announces her engagement: The details

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

What really surprised many was the dazzling diamond ring that Andrea Meza wore after the proposal.

The ring confirms suspicions that the couple had been planning this important step in their relationship.

However, questions arise about the Mexican’s future as a host on Telemundo’s ‘Hoy Día’ program.

The spark of love between Andrea Meza and Ryan Proctor emerged on social networks during the pandemic, reported the Mexican magazine.

Meza’s Dazzling Diamond Ring

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Andrea Meza announces her engagement PHOTO: Mezcalent

The 29-year-old Mexican shared details of her love story on her social networks, revealing how they met.

«We met through TikTok and started talking on Instagram after my birthday in 2020,» she recalled on her Instagram post.

She added: «Since then, we started doing FaceTime daily until we finally met in person in Miami in May 2021.»

The couple has been an example of how social networks can unite people from different parts of the world.

Will she leave ‘Hoy Día?

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PHOTO: Getty Images

Andrea and Ryan’s love story has been closely followed by their followers, who have applauded their relationship from the beginning.

With the news of the marriage proposal, Andrea Meza’s fans have flooded the social networks with congratulations and good wishes for the couple.

There is no doubt that this is a special moment in the life of the former Miss Universe, and her followers are excited to see her embark on this new stage of her life.

However, uncertainty surrounds Andrea’s future in her role as a host on Telemundo.

The romance of the famous host

Andrea Meza, Telemundo, former Miss Universe, Fifth Avenue, relationships
Andrea Meza announces her engagement PHOTO: Meznivel

Given the imminent marriage, some fear that the famous beauty queen may leave her career on television.

The news of her engagement has sparked speculation about whether she will continue to be part of the ‘Hoy Día’ show or take a different path in her career.

The marriage proposal in New York has been an exciting chapter in the love story of Andrea Meza and Ryan Proctor, according to reports from Hola Mexico.

With the news of her engagement, Andrea has proven once again that beauty queen life goes beyond crowns and beauty pageants, it is also reflected in love. (WATCH VIDEO).

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