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New romance on the horizon? Andrea Legarreta boasts a new heartthrob younger than her

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Andrea Legarreta boasts, Trouble, Reactions, MundoNow, News
Andrea Legarreta's new romance (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Andrea Legarreta boasts a new heartthrob.
  • Speculation about a possible romance.
  • Post on Instagram triggers reactions.

Television host Andrea Legarreta has unleashed a stir on social media after appearing with a heartthrob.

This has caused speculation about a new romance between the mysterious man and Legarreta to begin to appear.

It is no surprise that the name of the renowned Mexican presenter is on ‘everyone’s lips’.

After being in the eye of the hurricane for Anette Cuburu’s statements, Andrea shares a sweet moment of her life.

Andrea Legarreta sparks romance rumors

Host, Television, Controversy, Scandal Andrea Legarreta presumes heartthrob
Photo: Mezcalent

Andrea Legarreta used her official account on the popular Instagram social media, where she shared the moment she lived with the heartthrob.

The publication captured the attention of many, since the host is seen smiling in the company of a man younger than her.

Right in the midst of speculation about the current relationship of his ex-partner, Erik Rubín, with Mariana Garza, the controversial photograph of the host emerges.

In the last few hours, social media have been filled with comments and reactions after Erik Rubín was romantically linked to the actress and singer.

A moment of happiness in the midst of controversy

Presenter, Televisa, Morning, Speculation, Controversy
Photo: Mezcalent

However, this does not seem to affect Andrea Legarreta, who has surprised everyone with an image that conveys happiness and confidence in her new company.

In the Instagram story, Legarreta shared a photograph in which she is seen with a radiant smile, but the most striking thing was the presence of a man at her side.

Which has unleashed all kinds of speculation on social media. In addition, her two daughters also appear in the story that the host posted.

It has been rumored that this would be a way of expressing that she is not affected by Rubín’s current situation with Mariana Garza.

The meeting in a luxurious restaurant

Rumor, Romance, Relationships, Couple, Celebrities
Photo: Mezcalent

The host, far from avoiding speculation, has let the images speak for themselves, generating endless reactions among her followers.

As for the place where Andrea Legarreta and her companion were captured, it is a luxurious restaurant.

This publication reveals an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie, highlighting once again Legarreta’s positive attitude in the face of rumors and media attention.

It is worth mentioning that the direct reaction of Andrea Legarreta’s followers is unknown because it is a story and not a normal post.

Andrea Legarreta’s mysterious companion

Entertainment, Personalities, Celebrities, Trend, Conflict
Andrea Legarreta boasts a new heartthrob-Photo: Mezcalent

But that did not exempt her from rumors about a possible romance from being uncovered immediately. Everything remains mere speculation since nothing has been confirmed.

Andrea Legarreta’s mysterious companion turns out to be Luis Carlos Origel, nephew of the famous entertainment journalist Pepillo Origel.

Luis Carlos, works teaching exercise classes, has shared his presence on the morning program Hoy, a program in which Andrea Legarreta works, according to ‘Milenio’.

With a passion for physical activity, his Instagram account has 26 thousand followers, where he shares his experiences in swimming, soccer, rowing, and even wall climbing.

Speculation and media attention

Media, Entertainment, Show, Artist, Journalism
Photo: Instagram screenshot Andrea Legarreta

The meeting in the elegant restaurant, together with Luis Carlos Origel, has left Legarreta’s followers intrigued, noted Milenio.

And at the same time expectant at the possible beginning of a new stage in the sentimental lives of both public personalities.

The presenter has not offered statements about this meeting.

Currently Andrea Legarreta’s story on Instagram is no longer available since they only have one limit 24 hours, but you can see it BY CLICKING HERE.

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