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Andrea Legarreta asks for prayers for her father’s health

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Andrea Legarreta pide oraciones por la salud de su padre
  • Andrea Legarreta is going through a hard time.
  • She asked for prayers for her father.
  • He underwent a difficult operation.

Andrea Legarreta is going through a hard time and she decided to come clean and share with her audience that her father recently underwent a difficult operation. She is asking her fans for prayers to give him strength.

The popular host, who recently split with longtime partner Erik Rubín, announced that Juan Legarreta is stable and had a pacemaker put in.

Andrea Legarreta asks for prayers for her father’s health

Andrea Legarreta asks for prayers for her father's health
PHOTO: Instagram

Andrea Legarreta announced on Instagram that her father, Juan Legarreta, recently underwent a rather difficult operation. Although, he made it through and is stable, Andrea is still worried and asked her followers for prayers.

The singer said in her post that her father had a pacemaker installed due to heart problems. Her post already has more than 50,000 likes in less than six hours.

Andrea Legarreta shares news about her father on Instagram

Andrea Legarreta's statements in her publication ask for prayers for Juan, her father
PHOTO: Instagram

«This gorgeous little eyes-of-heaven has such a big heart and is so full of love to give that he needs «reinforcements» and they are putting a pacemaker in him so that his heart beats to the rhythm for many more years!» Andrea wrote in her post.

The television presenter pointed out that her father’s health problems reached a point where he needed a pacemaker in order to function normally. Andrea is staying strong.

Andrea says the surgery went well

Andrea points out that her father will come out of the intervention well
PHOTO: Instagram

«If you want to take a few seconds and send him a positive thought, a prayer and good wishes so that he comes out perfect from the intervention, I will be infinitely grateful!» Andrea continued.

“Love and blessings to all. Thank you from the bottom of my soul. We love you to the infinite beautiful daddy! God with you always,” concluded Legarreta. Shortly after she posted an update saying she had good news.

Andrea’s father is doing well after surgery

Andrea's father underwent surgery and is doing well
PHOTO: Twitter

Approximately three hours after the publication where she asks her followers for prayers, Andrea posted an update saying her father’s operation was successful and she thanked her fans for supporting her.

«Thank you thank you thank you! My daddy turned out WELL, he has the best attitude! He says that he already wants to go to his house. He’s top! Blessed to have an example of love for life and strength!! Thanks to everyone who has joined in with the good vibes!! God bless you always,» Andrea concluded.

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