Inicio » English » Andrea Legarreta appears with a transparent dress that reveals panties and a bra in hot curves (PHOTO)

Andrea Legarreta appears with a transparent dress that reveals panties and a bra in hot curves (PHOTO)

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  • Andrea Legarreta turns social networks back on
  • Now, the Mexican driver appears in a transparent black dress
  • His followers ask that an Only fans be opened

Andrea Legarreta transparent dress: He’s unstoppable! The Mexican driver, Andrea Legarreta, is unstoppable and does not tire of being sexy on social networks since she got rid of COVID-19 a few months ago.

The driver star From the show program Hoy, she has been seen more and more beautiful on social networks, where on this occasion the actress was also shown in photography wearing a transparent dress that revealed her well-worked curves.

In the snapshot published a few hours ago you can see Andrea Legarreta posing quite a bit sexy while leaning against a wall looking sideways.

Andrea Legarreta transparent dress

PHOTO: Instagram. Andrea Legarreta

However, what most caught the public’s attention was the wardrobe that Legarreta wore, since it was a transparent black dress that showed her bikini and her shapely curves and butt, driving more than one of her followers crazy.

In the publication, which already has more than 148 thousand likes just several hours after being shared, it has the following as a legend:

“You just have to look back to remember how you got to where you are now … #LaVidaEsHoy”.

Faced with this hot photograph, many Internet users began to speak in the publication of Andrea Legarreta in a transparent dress, where, although the comments are currently disabled, that did not prevent her followers from highlighting how beautiful the host looked.

Among the comments were those of great personalities such as: the Mexican comedian Consuelo Duval, the Argentine Cecilia Galliano, Latin Lover, the model and host Marisol González, Galilea Montijo, Mauricio Barcelata, and even the jarocha singer Yuri, who did not miss the opportunity to write something nice to the Mexican.

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Go that Andrea Legarreta is unstoppable, since today she surprised everyone by publishing a photograph of her in a transparent dress, where even artists like Alicia Machado asked Televisa to do a beauty pageant.

“You passed, Televisa You need a beauty pageant! Girl, what an attitude ”wrote the Venezuelan actress.

An Internet user admired the great body that Legarreta had been handling: “You look spectacular my Andy, what a great body, congratulations.”

One user wrote the following argument: “Take care because you will be the next Maribel guard”.

Several Internet users argued that every day the driver looked more beautiful: “Hello, nice day my dear @andrealegarreta, every day more beautiful”, “The years look wonderfully good”, “You are like wine, the older it is, the better ”,“ You are like wines ”.

Andrea Legarreta transparent dress

PHOTO: Instagram. Andrea Legarreta

An Internet user regretted that Andrea already had Erick Rubín as a husband: “I like a woman who is cool, yes, it hurts that you are someone else Andrea.”

One user simply said the following: “The most beautiful legs in Mexico, does anyone else think the same?”

Other gentlemen argued that her husband, the singer Erick Rubín, was undoubtedly a lucky man: “Woow, but how beautiful, I did not imagine that you had all that beauty Andreita, happy Erick”, “How lucky Erick”, “That mushroom he is very lucky ”.

However, the more you browsed through the comments, the more gentlemen went crazy for the photograph of Andrea Legarreta in a transparent dress.

PHOTO: Instagram. Andrea Legarreta


The hot and risque comments were immediate in Andrea Legarreta’s publication, wearing a transparent black dress that showed her contoured figure.

Several comments highlighted the contoured legs that the Mexican has: The most beautiful legs in Mexico, Does anyone else think the same? ”,“ Piernuda ”,“ My mother, how beautiful legs“,” With all due respect, you are a perfect woman from head to toe and I can say that your legs are magnificent, I admire you very much. ”

Another did not stop saying the word good, which, for him, the word perfectly described Andrea: “Andrea was always beautiful and with your legs so good that you have, greetings mommy.”

A user asked the host to create an Only Fans account: “Make an Only Fans please, it doesn’t matter that it’s $ 50 a month, it’s worth it,” wrote an Internet user.

Andrea Legarreta transparent dress

PHOTO: Instagram. Andrea Legarreta

An Internet user without fear of Erick finding out, commented to him the following: “My love, how tasty you look, like eating everything.”

A user seconded the notion that Alicia Machado had written in the publication: “As Alicia says, you went over hummmm hehehe, until we can recreate the Andrea pupil, which costs you.”

More comments of this type began to flood the publication of burning comments on the photograph of Andrea Legarreta in transparent dress:

“Sensual”, “What a beautiful panties you have baby”, “What a great body, barbarian”, “Mamasita chula”, “Mamasita beautiful chula precious”, “What a beautiful mommy”, “Mamasita beautiful WOW”, “Good buttock Adrea”, ” You are very good “,” How delicious “,” How delicious are you baby “,” Now you ruca and you can’t take away how good you are Andrea “were one of the many comments that could be read in the publication of Andrea Legarreta in a transparent dress.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Andrea Legarreta has shaken social networks in this way, since there was another photograph where he almost taught the “most intimate” continue reading and find out what photograph it was.

PHOTO: Instagram. Andrea Legarreta

Andrea Legarreta is shown in a bikini and almost shows the “most intimate”

Andrea Legarreta surprised on social networks after publishing a video of her where she was seen in a bikini, causing great fury among her followers, who emphasized that she looked much prettier.

The publication consists of a beautiful video of Legarreta sitting on the sand with her legs crossed, while wearing a full navy blue bikini and a knitted hat to complete her look, accompanied by a cute monarch butterfly posing on it, giving a sweet touch to the hot photo.

The video, which already has more than 140 thousand reproductions within three hours of its publication, brings as a caption the following message: “Without changes there is no butterfly. Have a great day, beauty, and may God fill you with blessings! ” Andrea wrote.

The publication was quickly filled with praise for the also actress, who could not cope with all the samples of affection from his followers.

And, despite the fact that the comments are currently deactivated in the publication, that did not prevent many of the Internet users from writing to him.

One user wrote the following: “A little lower the camera”, this being a more daring comment from a follower.

Another user highlighted the legs that were seen on Andrea in the video: “You are like the butterfly, blessings, beautiful Andy, what beautiful baby legs, kisses.”

Later, more comments about her legs began to arrive: “What rich legs, mamacita”, “Beautiful and beautiful legs”, “Rich legs, love”, “Crazy Piernon”.

VIDEO: Instagram. Andrea Legarreta

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