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Ana Patricia Gámez has an embarrassing moment on Enamorándonos USA

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Ana Patricia Gámez on 'Enamorándonos USA' (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ana Patricia Gámez sparks laughter.
  • Her passionate singing amuses viewers.
  • Fans playfully ask Ana not to sing.

Ana Patricia Gámez had a comical moment on an episode of Enamorándonos USA. While contestants were navigating love and heartbreak, the presenter introduced an entirely different tone.

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Ana Patricia has an embarrassing moment

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Ana Patricia Gámez is a familiar presence on every episode of the popular Enamorándonos USA show.

She recently had a humorous moment that was captured during the show and subsequently shared by Enamorándonos USA’s official Instagram account.

She even chuckled at the unexpected turn of events, joking that she initially thought they were in a commercial break.

Her fellow presenter, Rafa Araneda, couldn’t help but join in the laughter as they both attempted to steer the show back on track.

She shows her fan-girl side

Los Tigres del Norte, Passionate singing, Television show, Song, Commercial, Enamorándonos USA
PHOTO Mezcalent

The host got swept up in a moment of passion for her love of one of her favorite musical groups.

Ana Patricia let her inner fan-girl shine on a recent episode of the popular dating show.

She’s a huge fan of Los Tigres del Norte’s music and didn’t hesitate to let it show it on TV.

She made a special request to the band appearing on the show, asking them to play a song by the Mexican group.

Ana Patricia makes everyone laugh

Entertainment, Television, Performance, Set, Melody, Enamoramos USA
PHOTO Mezcalent

«I want to hear one from Los Tigres del Norte right now,» she asked a band that was featured on the program, and then allowed herself to be carried away by the moment.

In front of the entire audience, Ana Patricia enthusiastically belted out one of the songs by the renowned Mexican group.

As she sang, she added a few dance moves to the rhythm, while her co-presenter joined in the fun.

Soon, both hosts burst into laughter, as did everyone else in the audience, creating a memorable moment that will be cherished by all.

She apologized for getting carried away

Reactions, Opinions, Fanaticism, Music, Interpretation
PHOTO Mezcalent

As the laughter continued, Ana Patricia jokingly said she thought they were in a commercial break.

«Oops, my mistake. I thought we were in a commercial,» she quipped, swiftly transitioning back to the program as if nothing had occurred.

After the host lightened the mood by singing along to ‘La Puerta Negra’, the atmosphere on the set became even more relaxed.

This was thanks to the contagious laughter induced by her singing, which could be more accurately described as enthusiastic shouts, given that she belted out the song at the top of her lungs.

Fans react to the moment

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Following the airing of Ana Patricia’s spontaneous moment on Enamorándonos USA, reactions poured in on social media.

While some viewers couldn’t help but gush about the presenter’s beauty, others chimed in with their thoughts on the amusing incident.

While they found the host’s passionate outburst endearing, many took the opportunity to make a lighthearted request.

Users playfully asked Ana Patricia to refrain from singing further, particularly after her rendition of ‘La Puerta Negra’.

What did people say?

Passion, Mexican group, Presenter, Camera, Couples program, Enamorándonos USA
PHOTO Mezcalent

«Ana, you’re always beautiful, but today you’re even more gorgeous,» one person commented.

«Ana Patricia, you’re the best! I adore you; you’re beautiful and delightful,» added another.

«Please, Anita, you’re stunning, but… spare us the singing,» commented someone regarding the presenter’s moment.

«Ana, I love you, but please refrain from singing,» another person commented.

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