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Ana Patricia Gámez has an awkward moment… is her husband jealous of Rafael Araneda? (VIDEO)

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  • Ana Patricia Gámez makes a confession to Rafael Araneda.
  • The host was questioned on Enamorándonos.
  • She made surprising admissions about her husband and daughter.

Ana Patricia Gámez is one of the most beloved Hispanic hosts in the US and she has managed to earn the respect of her audience on Enamorándonos. However, she is always very private about her personal life until made some surprising confessions to Rafael Araneda about her husband and daughter.

In one of the segments of Enamorándonos called La Silla Caliente, one of the hosts asks a participant questions. On this occasion, it was Ana Patricia Gámez’s turn and Rafael Araneda asked her some very personal questions.

Is Ana Patricia Gámez having an awkward moment?

Ana Patricia Gámez confesses
Instagram: Ana Patricia Gámez

The first question that Rafael Araneda asked Ana Patricia Gámez was if she believed that some of the members of the show get angry with her because of how frank she is: “Probably yes, it would be obvious even I would be upset if they say something to me on national television and I understand it and I think that sometimes my anger does show, but at the end of the day I feel that many times my comments may make them uncomfortable. Sorry guys, I feel that they are also the feeling of the public that sees us at home, so it could be yes,” answered the Mexican host.

Looking serious, she had to withstand the uncomfortable moment when her c0-host Rafael Araneda asked her questions from the public about her personal life, something that she has kept very private throughout the time she has been in the public eye on shows like Despierta América and Enaromándonos.

Rafael Araneda ‘put his co-host in check’

Rafael Araneda asks him questions

Although the questions came from the audience, Rafael Araneda had to ask them. When asked if her husband was uncomfortable with her relationship with her co-host, she did not hesitate to express what few people knew.

“Does your husband feel uncomfortable with your relationship or how do you get along with Rafa?” Ana Patricia stated: “No, he has never been jealous, imagine, I have participated in Mira Quien Baila. He knows that we are friends, the truth is that I have never received a comment from him about our friendship or how we get along on the show.”  Rafael Araneda added, “He hasn’t said anything to me either.”

Ana Patricia Gámez gives her daughter surprising advice

Ana Patricia Gámez talks about her husband and daughter

Another topic that no one expected Ana Patricia Gámez to touch on in La Silla Caliente on Enamorándonos was relationship advice for her daughter. Without hesitation, she said the most surprising thing: “It would be that she has many boyfriends… Be careful that her dad doesn’t hear me because he’s going to get angry, but I tell her because I feel that I don’t… that she doesn’t marry young, that she enjoys love, that she enjoys meeting people, that she enjoys her life.”

And she continued: “That she loves others because the concept of love not only covers the couple, but love around her, what she does, her studies, what she wants to do when she grows up, her profession… (that is case) at 35 years old… Giulietta one at a time, and for you too Gael, ok? the Mexican host finished.

Was Rafael Araneda criticized for making his co-host uncomfortable?

Rafael Araneda asks uncomfortable questions

Many people had opinions about the questions for Ana Patricia Gámez and the way Rafael Araneda asked them: “Ana is very sincere and is worthy of admiration. She is a complete woman.” “For me it is better that she is sincere. Because EVERYONE deserves a wake-up call.” “I love it when I talk about the feelings that moms go through. That we are 24/7 but we always feel that more is missing and we think all the time if we are doing it well.” “applause you are the most sincere of that program.”

More people offered in support for her: “Ana, please don’t give Williams more opportunities, just play with the participants.” “I love how Anita is, everything she says fits her. She grabs the sayings on the fly, she’s beautiful, I love looking at her.” “I love @anapatriciatv she projects a lot and transmits a lot. And that few drivers dominate it.” “she is direct and frank like a good northerner.”

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