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Fans angry about the result of ‘Los 50’ and say that a Mexican deserved it

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Los 50 FOTO: Telemundo, Winner of Los 50
  • ‘Los 50’: Internet Users Angry at the Result
  • Ana Parra Was Crowned the Winner
  • Why Did Anger Arise on Social Networks?

Telemundo successfully wrapped up the most ambitious reality show on Hispanic TV, ‘The 50’.

In the finale, broadcast live coast-to-coast, Jacqueline Bracamontes hosted and was joined by the famous character, the Lion.

Ana Parra was crowned the winner, taking home $347,560 in cash. Additionally, during the gala, Dania Méndez was announced as the winner of $50,000.

However, the result angered the program’s followers, who took to social networks to express their frustration.

What was the program about?

Internet users, anger, result, The 50s, Ana Parra,
Angry result The 50 PHOTO: Shutterstock

‘Los 50’ was a reality show with an innovative format that featured 50 renowned personalities.

They lived together on a ranch, isolated from the outside world, and competed in a series of elimination challenges.

Under the guidance of the character ‘the Lion’, the contestants formed alliances and devised strategies over the course of ten intense weeks.

Throughout the competition, they avoided elimination and aimed to win the grand cash prize of up to $350,000.

Ana Parra was the winner

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Angry result Los 50 PHOTO: Telemundo

Ana Parra is a model, athlete, and civil engineer born in Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

She started in sports at a very young age, participating in youth basketball teams and representing her country in competitions.

Since her arrival on ‘Los 50’, she stood out for her participation and performance, triumphing with her athletic skills and strategies throughout the season.

She faced the numerous unpredictable games and challenges dictated by the Lion.

Registered many fans

live broadcast, Jacqueline Bracamontes, León, cash prize, Diana Méndez,
Angry result Los 50 PHOTO: Telemundo

With a historic record of more than 126,000 registered users, a number unprecedented for a reality show.

«Los 50 Zona Fans» provided an exclusive opportunity for viewers to choose their favorite celebrity via to win $50,000 in cash.

Through this digital platform, the audience also had the chance to select the winner of the competition starting from the semifinals.

Voting closed during tonight’s final gala.

More winners

 program, innovative format, renowned personalities, finances, elimination challenges,
Angry result Los 50 PHOTO: Telemundo

Meanwhile, Dania Méndez was the fortunate winner of the $50,000, chosen through ‘Los 50 Zona Fans’, which set a record in user registrations.

However, regardless of who emerged as the winner of ‘Los 50’, the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether there will be a second season of the reality show.

The answer to this query has already been provided by the enigmatic León from ‘Los 50’, and it’s good news.

‘Los 50’ will be returning with a second season on Telemundo, as announced by the now-renowned character, El León.

They are not happy with the result

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Angry result Los 50 PHOTO: Telemundo

As Ana’s victory was celebrated on social media, thousands of users began to praise the Colombian.

«Ana truly deserved it for the quality of person I observed in the reality show, for being a great competitor and teammate,” one Internet user wrote.

However, other social media users didn’t concur with her winning the new reality show.

They started to express their belief that Fernando Lozada, a Mexican contestant, was the real champion of this Telemundo program.

Lozada was the winner

civil engineer, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, athletic skills, historical record,
Angry result Los 50 PHOTO: Telemundo

«Happy for Ana, but for me, Lozada deserved it too,» some commented on Telemundo’s social media posts.

«Ana should share the prize with Fernando Lozada who helped her make it to the finals,» another wrote on Instagram.

«Lozada was the champion, and it cost him by helping Ana in the last game. It was a robbery,» another Internet user remarked.


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