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Meet Ana María Marković, the most beautiful soccer player in the world

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  • Ana María Marković is a Croatian soccer player.
  • She currently plays in the Swiss Women’s Super League.
  • These are her 7 sexiest photos.

Ana María Marković is the soccer sensation of the moment. in addition to demonstrating her soccer skills, the player has managed to win over viewers to the point she’s been called “the most beautiful soccer player in the world”.

On Instagram, she has already amassed more than 2.3 million followers and hundreds of thousands of fans react to her posts, either for how well she plays or for how beautiful she looks.

Soccer player Ana Maria Marković is from Croatia

Soccer player Ana Maria Marković is from Croatia
PHOTO: Instagram

Ana María Marković is a 23-year-old player who was born in Split, Croatia. Throughout her life she has had a great love for the sport of football, becoming an impressive player.

Several internet users have mentioned that Ana is one of the best soccer players on the planet in terms of technique and she has shown that in addition to being a pretty face, she is a talented player.

Ana Marković has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram

Ana Marković accumulates more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram

The soccer player has caused a furore on social media, not only for sharing photos where she is training at her team’s facilities, but also for showing her most beautiful and sensual side.

Currently, Ana María Marković has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram at least hundreds of thousands of fans around the world have reacted to her posts, so she is not only good on the pitch.

She is a forward

The player is forward in her team
PHOTO: Instagram

The 23-year-old player is currently in the Grasshoppers sports club. The team plays in the Swiss Women’s Super League, where Ana has become the team’s top scorer.

The forward in Swiss soccer is 5’5″ tall and proudly wears the number 11 Jersey. The Croatian made her debut with the Grasshoppers club in 2021.

Marković’s Mexican vacation

The Croatian was on vacation in Mexico
PHOTO: Instagram

Being one of the best players can get tiring at times, which is why Ana Marković decided to take a vacation in December where she shared photos of her leisure time.

In the Mexico photos, there is one where she is seen drinking directly from a coconut while posing for her fans. In others she can be seen visiting the pyramids.

She’s been called “the most beautiful soccer player in the world”

They are calling her "the most beautiful soccer player in the world"
PHOTO: Instagram

It is impossible for internet users not to notice the Croatian player’s outstanding beauty and Ana Marković’s comments are flooded with complements.

The player has no problem with being called “the most beautiful woman in soccer”, but she does have a problem with being called “the sexiest”. According to Mdzol, She declared: “I know exactly what they want from me. They have never seen me play football and they only pay attention to the outside. It seems a pity to me. I think those people should find out more beforehand and see what I can do in football terms.”

Ana Markovic’s career

Ana Markovic's career
PHOTO: Instagram

The beautiful player grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, after moving at the age of 12 with her mother. She began playing soccer at 14 and as women’s soccer became more popular she decided to stick with it.

She soon caught the attention of the Croatian Soccer Federation with her skills while playing for Grasshopper in Switzerland, according to Soho.

Cristiano RoFnaldo and Luka Modrić are her favorite players

Cristiano and Luka Modrić are his favorite players
PHOTO: Instagram

Ana Maria Marković’s idols are Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modrić. She player declared: “Thanks to Cristiano I am a footballer, he has always been my inspiration, that’s why I always wanted to wear the number 8.”

The Croatian footballer has scored a goal in two games with her national team, however, talent on the soccer field is not everything for her, as she is also pursuing modeling and marketing.

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