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LCDLF scandal? Ana María Canseco says production is ‘manipulating’ people for Lupillo Rivera

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Ana María Canseco lashes out at LCDLF (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ana María Canseco lashes out at LCDLF production.
  • She exposes Telemundo.
  • The journalist explodes after Ariadna Gutiérrez is evicted.

Ana María Canseco lashes out at Lupillo Rivera and Telemundo production after Ariadna’s eviction from La Casa de los Famosos.

On Sunday things got out of control on the controversial Telemundo reality show.

The Tierra team, seeing itself diminished by the departure of Lupillo Rivera, who evidently attracts more fans, opted for a strategy that didn’t help them.

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Ana María Canseco lashes out

Ana María Canseco, Lupillo Rivera, Telemundo, the House of Famous People, shows
Photo: Mixheat

When Ariadna Gutiérrez cried last week, begging Lupillo Rivera not to leave them, the narrative completely reversed itself.

On Sunday, both Ariadna, Romeh and Maripily exposed Toro del Corrido as an alleged ‘abuser’ of women and things exploded.

While the Tierra team was trying desperately to stay popular with viewers, the other houseguests united to defend Lupillo.

The problem led to Ariadna Gutiérrez being evicted on Monday.

Was there abuse on La Casa de los Famosos?

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Photo: Mixheat

Even the head of the reality show had to intervene and say that no one in the house had been abused.

However, there were people who fell for Tierra’s strategy and one of them was journalist Ana María Canseco, who didn’t hesitate to weigh in.

The former Telemundo and Univisión presenter spoke out to expose her former network and saying they were painting Lupillo Rivera as the victim.

She even hinted that they had already orchestrated Jenni Rivera’s brother’s victory.

The journalist attacks La Casa de los Famosos

Ana María Canseco, Lupillo Rivera, Telemundo, the House of Famous People, shows

The journalist took to X to send several shocking messages about Telemundo for not protecting Ariadna from the alleged mistreatment.

«Everything is Lupillo ‘the victim’, they are trying to manipulate the public that does not see 24/7,» Ana María Canseco tweeted.

She attacked La Casa de los Famosos: «It is the most unbalanced program I have ever seen and with open favoritism. They no longer hide.»

She also questioned the credibility of the competition: «I could already predict the winner and not because he acts well.»

Does she thinks the show is rigged?

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Although she didn’t say it openly, Ana María Canseco is clearly on the side of team Tierra and she didn’t think it Ariadna Gutiérrez was the one that should have left.

However, it is evident on social media that people don’t like Tierra’s attitude.

«Maybe the kids in said room have the odds against them, but outside the losers are others,» said the journalist.

She concluded: «Lupillo very worried because the past is coming back… And it will happen again if he does not seek help.»

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