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Ana Gabriel confirms suspicions about her health (VIDEO)

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Ana Gabriel has pneumonia (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ana Gabriel has pneumonia.
  • She is devastated by the downturn in her health.
  • She postponed concerts and sent a worrying message.

Ana Gabriel is going through a difficult time with her health and she sent a devastated message to her fans.

A few days ago, the singer said that she had tested positive for influenza, which is why she was being nebulized, but now her condition is more complicated.

The singer is on tour in Latin America but has faced a series of setbacks. Now her health is a big concern.

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Ana Gabriel has pneumonia

Ana Gabriel, famous, entertainment, celebrities, pneumonia
Photo: Instagram / Ana Gabriel

After one of her concerts, Ana Gabriel took to Instagram to say she tested positive for influenza.

However, just a few hours ago she announced that things have gotten worse.

Ana Gabriel, confirmed everyone’s fears in post from a hospital where she looks visibly distressed and is wearing a face mask.

She is going to postpone some concerts because the flu turned into pneumonia… is her condition serious?

The singer’s health problems worsen

celebrities, famous, pneumonia, health, singer
Photo: Instagram / Ana Gabriel

The singer made a video for the people of Chile and Paraguay in which she apologizes for postponing her concerts in those cities.

«Friends from Santiago de Chile and Paraguay, I want to inform you of some not very good news — the influenza has worsened and turned into pneumonia,» she begins.

«And by doctor’s orders I must rest completely, under their supervision and medication, therefore I see the need to postpone,» she added.

«We moved May 20 to June 7 and the other to June 11… Unfortunately it got complicated, I felt brave and I ignored the medical recommendations,» she said.

She asks for prayers as she recovers from her illness

Ana Gabriel, sick, entertainment, celebrities, famous
Photo: Mixheat

Devastated, Ana Gabriel asked that her fans keep her in their prayers as she goes through these health issues.

«Even so, with everything and my regret, I communicate to you what is happening, I thank you very much for your understanding, please do not let go of my hand…» she said.

«I love you, thank you for the support and for my health, I have to take care of myself to be able to fulfill the tour dates until December,» she concluded.

To see the video where Ana Gabriel talks about her health click HERE.

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