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AMLO mocks U.S. House Speaker’s visit to the border

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AMLO mocks Republicans (Photos: Getty Images)
  • AMLO mocks Republicans
  • House Speaker Mike Johnson visited the border.
  • He pointed out they didn’t find a ‘crisis.’

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ridiculed Republican lawmakers who recently visited the border with Mexico.

He noted that they did not find the chaos reflecting a migration crisis that they expected, the EFE news agency reported.

During his morning press conference, López Obrador commented on the visit Mike Johnson and other Republicans paid to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Republicans are blaming Biden for an alleged immigration crisis, however the lawmakers didn’t find what they were looking for.

AMLO mocks Republicans who visited the Mexican border

President, Mexico, USA, Migrants, AMLO mocks leader
Photo: Mezcalo

«Yesterday, when the Republicans, legislators, arrived at the border, they wanted to find thousands of migrants there,» said the Mexican president.

«They didn’t find them, they didn’t find it (the scene), but it wasn’t because they (the migrants) were expelled,» he continued during his morning press conference.

«No, they were convinced that legal avenues had to be sought,» President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated firmly.

In addition, he highlighted that migration to the U.S. from Mexico has decreased significantly since his meeting with Washington officials on December 27.

Less migration to the U.S.

Politics, Meetings, Government, Joe Biden, Mike Johnson
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Despite this, the Mexican president did not offer specific figures on the number of migrants currently in both countries.

«From the day we talked about, we can prove it, to yesterday, the decrease is already considerable, due to some actions that were carried out to protect migrants,» said AMLO.

The visit occurred after an historically high 10,000 people a day began arriving at the U.S. border with Mexico.

This led the United States to temporarily close some crossings in Texas, Arizona and California, according to Forbes.

What AMLO proposes to curb migration

press conference, president, mexico
Photo: Mezcalo

In his meeting on January 5 with U.S. authorities, López Obrador proposed a development plan for Latin America, EFE noted.

It consists of the regularization of 10 million undocumented immigrants and the suspension of the blockade of Cuba, infobae reported.

«We are now proposing something in advance, we made two proposals in the meeting,» the president stated during his press conference.

«One, we are going to reach an agreement with the neighboring governments that have a very good relationship with us,» the president stressed.

AMLO emphasizes cooperation with neighboring countries

amlo mocks republicans, Texas, Arizona, California, Proposals, Dialogue
Photo: Mezcalo

«We are very grateful to all governments, so that we can create support programs, that we can work together, and we are already doing so,» he said.

Likewise, AMLO stated that Mexico offers protection to migrants, but the majority seek to reach the United States, according to Forbes.

During the morning press conference he also reiterated the importance of addressing the root causes of migration.

And he insisted on the country’s ability to offer employment, especially in the southeast, but stressed the need to address the roots of the migration problem.

López Obrador highlights the importance of protecting migrants

republicans, migrants, border, amlo
Photo: Meznivel

«And then the containment, for example, that they are more in the southeast (of Mexico), that they do not have to cross the country to the north,» he said.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador added that this is «because of the risks, not only of crime and these kidnappings, but of traffic accidents,» according to infobae.

Furthermore, he pointed out the importance of addressing the structural issues that drive migration, while highlighting the labor capacity available in Mexico, reported Forbes.

He underlined the shared responsibility in managing migration and highlighted the availability of employment in Mexico as an option for migrants. To see the video of AMLO’s press conference click HERE.

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