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AMLO believes the miners trapped in Coahuila are already dead

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  • The president of Mexico has unfortunate news about the 10 trapped miners.
  • AMLO says that he will compensate the affected families.
  • Relatives of the miners say that they have no other option but to accept.

AMLO says Coahuila miners are dead. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently gave a speech about the terrible incident concerning the miners. He stated that priority will be given to recovering the Pinabete miners, rather than to the memorial in their honor.

«First we are doing all the work to recover them. We already have an agreement with the relatives, I just think that today there will be a meeting to sign a document,» the president of Mexico said in a morning conference, along with other important information.

AMLO has news about the trapped miners

AMLO dead miners Coahuila

PHOTO Reform Agency

The president of Mexico believes the 10 miners who became trapped in a coal pit in the municipality of Sabinas almost a month ago are dead. El País reported that he phrased it delicately, saying that «the bodies would be recovered» rather than referring to rescuing the miners. Last Thursday, the Mexican government acknowledged that the work to remove the workers would last between 6 and 11 months.

“At the same time, we continue working to recover the miners, the recovery is not going to stop, it has not stopped, we continue extracting water from the wells, we continue working there and now a procedure is going to be started that the technicians are recommending to have better results in everything. Then when we recover the miners, then we will talk about the memorial,” said Andrés Manuel. Filed Under: AMLO killed Coahuila miners

Compensation will be paid to the families

AMLO dead miners Coahuila

PHOTO: Reforma Agency

The Reforma Agency reported that the President stated that higher than normal compensation will be paid to relatives of the miners due to the situation. “We are going to take responsibility and pay a compensation, not only what is conventional, but more due to the situation, not only for losing family members, which is very sad, but also for the situation of poverty in which people live.»

«They will be given a very special treatment, as they deserve,» he said. He added that the head of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez, will remain in Sabinas, Coahuila, to review the work, since he insisted that he’s not going to “abandon the rescue efforts.» Filed Under: AMLO killed Coahuila miners

Families accept pit proposal

PHOTO: Shutterstock

Yesterday, according to El Universal, the families of the 10 miners trapped in the El Pinabete mine in Sabinas, Coahuila, accepted the proposal to make an open pit that would take up to 11 months, but they say that the recovery of the bodies has to happen. Hilda Alvarado, wife of Mario Alberto Cabriales Uresti, claimed that they waited weeks for the rescue happen, but a few days before the one month anniversary of the incident, the authorities left them no choice but to accept the pit.

“They told us it would take up to two years to get the water out. They did not accept help from anyone. It hurts us so much. Even if it hurts, we don’t want to, it’s already the last resort. It is very difficult,” said Mrs. Alvarado. In the middle of the tragedy and the acceptance of the federal government’s strategy of building a pit, a dispute has arisen between relatives of the miners such as fathers, mothers or sisters or brothers, and the wives of the miners. Filed Under: AMLO killed Coahuila miners

Wives of the miners express their unhappiness with the situation


The relatives of the miners have expressed their discontent with the women whom they already call widows, since they say that they want to accept a proposal to stop the rescue work in exchange for compensation and the transfer of the land where the mine is located. However, El Universal reported that so far there is no agreement among all the widows to stop the work. Interviewed this Monday by media in Sabinas, the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez, confirmed that the pit will be carried out and at the end a memorial will be made and compensation will be given.

In this regard, Mrs. Hilda Alvarado commented that they were left with no other option than to accept the pit, but at least she will insist on the recovery. “Many things are going to be discussed, that one is interested in money. First we care about them, but they are already beyond. We can’t do anything,” she said. The families have had no choice but to accept reality and with it the strategy, and a compensation that has not been determined. Hilda Alvarado stated that not accepting compensation will not make her husband return. “One has to think about the children, many have small children, studying. They say that it hurts his sister more, she didn’t even live with him, nor did she know how he lived. I am the one that knows, if he ate or didn’t eat. People talk to talk,» said Alvarado, according to El Universal. Filed Under: AMLO killed Coahuila miners

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