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Did AMLO express disdain for Biden and Trump? The president of Mexico sends a message

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AMLO issues a warning to Biden and Trump (Getty Images vía MundoNOW Archive)
  • AMLO issues a warning.
  • The President of Mexico says he will remain neutral.
  • What else did he say?

AMLO takes a stand on U.S. elections! As the 2024 elections approach for both Mexico and the U.S., politicians are expressing their opinions.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has stated that Mexico will not endorse either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

He emphasized the importance of Mexico’s relationship with the U.S. and dismissed tensions even if Trump were to win, despite his anti-Mexican rhetoric.

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Photo: MundoNOW

AMLO issues a warning for Biden and Trump

AMLO Biden Trump, elections, border, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed Thursday that the government of Mexico «will not make the mistake» of supporting either the current U.S. president, Joe Biden, or his opponent, Donald Trump.

According to EFE, Mexico will remain neutral about the presidential election in the U.S.

«We are not going to make the mistake that was made in the past of supporting any candidate from the United States,» declared the Mexican president.

«That is a decision that corresponds to the citizens of the United States, we only reserve the right to question when the people of Mexico are disrespected, whoever they are,» he declared.

Is there tension between Mexico and the United States?

Message, migrants, support, Trump, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

The Mexican president referred to the U.S. elections during his morning press conference in Mexicali, on the border with California.

This is where Biden and Trump launched their campaigns on Wednesday after securing the necessary delegates from their parties on Tuesday.

They are now the official candidates competing for the White House in November.

Mexico, like the United States, is in the midst of its own election season, where a woman could be elected president for the first time.

AMLO won’t endorse Biden or Trump?

Hillary Clinton, president, USA, presidential, MundoNow
Photo: Mezcalent

AMLO has criticized the Mexican opposition for supporting the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, before she lost against Trump.

«There were more good things for both peoples, both for the United States and for Mexico,» said the Tabasco-born leader during his Mañanera.

«The differences we had with President Trump, and with President Biden as well, there has been a very good relationship,» expressed López Obrador.

In light of these statements, the comparison between Mexico and the United States is clear as they prepare to choose new leaders.

Is AMLO afraid Donald Trump will win?

AMLO issues a warning for biden and trump, election, united states, president, MundoNOW
Photo: Archivo MundoNOW

AMLO dismissed the possibility of tensions arising with the United States if Trump wins, despite his intensified anti-Mexican rhetoric.

On the campaign trail Trump has promised to close border and send troops to combat Mexican cartels, according to EFE.

«No, I believe we have a very good relationship with the government of the United States,» stated AMLO amidst the tensions that have arisen in recent days.

«It’s very important for our compatriots living and working honestly in California, in the United States, to know this,» he expressed.

AMLO issues a warning for the United States?

AMLO issues a warning for biden and trump, election, president MundoNow
Foto: Shutterstock

AMLO reiterated that «the relationship with the U.S. government is very good» and «it was with under administration of President Trump.»

He only had «one problem» with him, referring to the tariffs he imposed on Mexican products in May 2019 to demand that Mexico stop the flow of migrants. He also commented that «there is a very close relationship» with the U.S. now.

«President Biden has been very consistent. Now that he is trying to present an immigration reform initiative, he committed to asking for our point of view before submitting the initiative for discussion,» he emphasized.

«In a very respectful manner, we said we disagreed,» concluded the leftist politician. The president recalled that his government is asking both countries «to regularize the status of more than 5 million Mexicans who live, work and contribute to the development of the United States,» according to EFE. To see the video where AMLO issues a warning click HERE.

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