Inicio » English » AMLO goes after the governor of Texas! The president of Mexico gives a serious warning to Greg Abbott (VIDEO)

AMLO goes after the governor of Texas! The president of Mexico gives a serious warning to Greg Abbott (VIDEO)

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  • Greg Abbott declared that Texas is being ‘threatened’ with an ‘invasion’.
  • The issue of migrants is once again a controversial topic between the governor of Texas and the president of Mexico
  • “I will not allow Mexicans to be insulted,” said AMLO

On Thursday, in his press conference, president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, after the politician made some statements regarding an alleged migrant “invasion” of Texas.

Noticieros Televisa  reported what AMLO said to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott after he “threatened” to invade Mexico due to the growing wave of migrants who cross the Aztec nation to get to the United States. Abbott accuses the Mexican leader of not doing enough to curb illegal immigration.

AMLO didn’t take Governor Abbott’s statements well

AMLO warns Greg Abbott

According to AMLO, the Mexican government “is not going to allow for Mexicans to be insulted.” Campaign season has begun in the US and immigration is one of the crucial issues that politicians will need to address. Now Andrés Manuel López Obrador sends out a warning.

Were Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s statements too harsh? From the state of Puebla, where the morning press conference was held on Thursday, AMLO explained that politicians will seek to attack his nation in order to earn votes in an unfair manner and that is something that he will not allow.

The president of Mexico wanted to make things ‘clear’ to Greg Abbott

President Mexico VS Governor Texas

The words of the president of Mexico were very clear: “I understand that they want the votes, but if they’re not careful they won’t even have votes because we’re not going to allow the Mexicans who work honestly to be insulted,” Andrés Manuel López Obrador said.

In addition, AMLO stated that Greg Abbott went over the top in his speech about the wave of migrants who have crossed through Mexico to reach US territory: “The governor of Texas saying that he’s going to declare that they are being invaded by Mexican migrants is an exaggeration, it’s very dishonest, it’s disproportionate,” he said.

AMLO defends Mexicans who go to the US to seek better opportunities

AMLO dedicates song to Greg Abbott

For the president of Mexico, Mexicans who go to the US in search of better opportunities “have every right to look for a better life.” He also recalled that US is made up of migrants from all over the world, which is why he believes that Greg Abbott’s statements were wrong.

“Mexican migrants are an example of fraternity and humanism because they are the ones who support their families the most, by sending remittances,” Andrés Manuel López Obrador said before he asked that the song Somos másamericanos by Los Tigres del Norte be dedicated to the governor of Texas.

Throwing a tantrum? Social media explodes

Governor of Texas is warned by the president of Mexico

Regarding the dedication of the corrido of Los Tigres del Norte to the governor of Texas, social media users expressed their opinions: “The king of politicking says so, besides that he’s getting involved in affairs of other countries.” ​​“Says the man who commanded 15,000 troops to protect the US border.”

“López, you have been doing cheap politics for more than 35 years!!” “Only in his morning broadcast does he get angry, when he has them in front of him he remains silent,” some users tweeted. HERE YOU CAN SEE AMLO’S MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNOR OF TEXAS / WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE CORRIDO HE DEDICATED

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