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Americans could receive checks for up to $2,000 next year

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  • New direct payments could be on the way in 2023.
  • Americans could receive payments of up to $2,000.
  • Who is eligible for this relief?

Direct payments in 2023. Good news for Americans since it has been announced that direct payments could be going out next year that will help the lucky ones who are eligible to receive this support. The government is always coming up with new ways to help citizens.

On this occasion, some people may receive a direct payment that could be as much as $2,000 per person next year. In the next few days, more details about who is eligible will be available.

Direct payments in 2023

New check for 2023

Governor Tim Walz has been calling for months to give a tax rebate to residents of  Minnesota. While the effort failed in 2022 due to opposition from Republicans, there is renewed hope that it could happen next year.

This is because it was an election year and the party probably did not want to help the Democratic governor win over voters by sending cash. So Minnesotans hold out hope that the payments could go out in 2023.

«It’s one-time money»

New 2023 check: “It's one-time money"

Republican support is needed for the payments to go out and now that the election is over, it appears the party may be willing to consider a rebate under a projected budget surplus of $17.6 billion in the coming months.

“It’s one-time money, so you have to look at possible one-time rebates to our tax filers,” state House Republican Minority Leader Lisa Demuth recently told the MinnPost. “It’s a discussion we would have as a caucus,” she added. Filed Under: Direct payments in 2023

Who would be eligible?

Who can be eligible?

It is worth noting that Governor Tim Walz will introduce a similar rebate plan in 2023. He previously mentioned that checks for $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for couples could be a «starting point» for negotiations. This year, $1,000 would have been sent to Minnesotans who earned less than $165,000 last year.

According to the 2022 plan, this means that there are enough funds available to send out the payments. This fall, more than one million Minnesota frontline workers began receiving $487.45 worth of bonus checks. Filed Under: Direct payments 2023

Programs in different states

Programs in different states

Other states have launched different rebate programs, for example Massachusetts residents will get back up to 13 percent of what they paid in state income taxes in 2021. Residents earning around $40,000 per year will see more than $200 in their accounts and those who earn $1 million or more will see up to $7,000 in rebates, according to The Sun.

In the state of Idaho, on the other hand, the deadline to claim a rebate of between $300 and $600 is fast approaching. To qualify for the rebate, taxpayers must file required tax returns by December 31, 2022. Filed Under: Direct payments 2023

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