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Woman has a surprising excuse for shoplifting from Walmart

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Amber McCann arrested for Walmart shoplifting game (Photo: Lagler Sheriff's Office)
  • Shoplifting game at Walmart?
  • Amber McCann had an unusual excuse.
  • She was arrested for stealing more than $1,000 of merchandise.

Escape without being seen… that was Amber MacCann’s goal when she entered a Walmart store in Palm Coast.

She filled a cart with products and ran to the parking lot without paying for the merchandise.

«According to MacCann, she was playing a game called ’21,’ the Flagler Sheriff’s Office told MundoNow in a statement.

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Amber McCann was playing a shoplifting game at Walmart

woman steals Walmart cart, Walmart, Game 21, Florida, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Flagler Sheriff’s Office

According to the Flagler Sheriff’s Office, «21 is a game in which a person grabs as much merchandise from a store and leaves with it, while trying not to get caught.»

Amber McCann, 30, did not manage to get away and was approached by officers as she was getting into her car, thanks to the timely intervention of another customer who saw what she was doing.

It was 6:26 in the evening when officers received a worried call alerting them to a robbery in progress at a Walmart store in Palm Coast, Florida.

«A white woman had gone through all the points of sale and had refused to show her payment receipt for a cart full of items,» the person explained to the operator.

McCann took more than $1,000 worth of products

PHOTO: Flagler Sheriff’s Office

The complainant gave a detailed description of the car that the suspect was getting into.

The officers’ quick response prevented the McCann from getting away with $1,030 worth of merchandise.

They located the vehicle matching the description in the parking lot and observed the stolen items in the back seat.

The woman behind the wheel matched the description of the suspect provided by the complainant and the store’s loss prevention officer, according to the statement.

Amber McCann ended up losing the shoplifting game at Walmart

PHOTO: Flagler Sheriff’s Office

«If she really was thinking she was playing a shoplifting game, she lost to our deputies and our observant citizens,» Sheriff Rick Staly stated in his report.

When inspecting the car, which appears to have been rented by MacCann’s boyfriend, officers found «a partially burned marijuana cigarette in the center console (…) and additional bags in the trunk,» the Sheriff’s Office said.

But marijuana was not the only thing she was hiding. «They also located four bags containing methamphetamine, with a total weight of 62 grams.»

This was in addition to «several silver bars and one-ounce bullets, copper bars and a one-gram platinum bar.»

Now she faces charges

Amber, Amber MacCann, Walmart robbery
Photo: Flagler Sheriff’s Office

McCann was immediately taken into police custody facing serious charges including shoplifting, possession of marijuana, possession of Alprazolam and trafficking in methamphetamine.

She was transported to the Perry Hall Sheriff’s Inmate Detention Center.

After her appearance in court, the judge set her bond at $34,000, which has not been posted to date, according to records.

«She may have skipped the checkout lane at Walmart, but she went through express check-in at the Green Roof Inn with a free set of designer bracelets, aka handcuffs,» the Flagler Sheriff joked.

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