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Amanda Miguel and Maribel Guardia confirm suspicions of Julián Figueroa and Diego Verdaguer

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Amanda Miguel and Maribel, Husband, Son, News, CD
Amanda Miguel and Maribel (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Maribel Guardia and Amanda Miguel.
  • Posthumous EP by Julián Figueroa.
  • Tribute to Diego Verdaguer.

The tragic death of Julián Figueroa, the talented singer and composer, shocked his followers and left a void in the music industry.

However, a ray of light shines on his legacy, as Maribel Guardia and Amanda Miguel have confirmed suspicions.

After their death on April 9, both celebrities do the unexpected after the deaths of Julián Figueroa and Diego Verdaguer.

This is the Póstumo EP, titled “A Mi Medida,” a collaboration between Joan Sebastian’s son and the respected producer.

Julián Figueroa’s project comes to light

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Photo: Mezcalent

Although both singers unfortunately passed away, Amanda Miguel and Maribel will be in charge of keeping them alive.

They say that an artist never dies, he is always present in each of his lyrics and melodies that please the public.

When the EP was being prepared, the death of the beloved Diego Verdaguer occurred, so it was suspended.

Julián Figueroa’s mother and the producer’s widow have decided to share these four unreleased songs with the public as a tribute.

Maribel Guardia pays tribute to Julián Figueroa

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Photo: Mezcalent

Maribel Guardia expressed her gratitude to Amanda Miguel and her daughter Ana Victoria for their contribution to the project and their emotional support.

In an emotional message, the actress shared her pride in the release of the EP by the two greats of music.

In addition, he highlighted the importance of the songs composed by his son, which were produced by Diego Verdaguer.

The singer also used her official account on the popular Instagram social network to talk about the project.

The photo that confirms the suspicions

Personalities, Maribel Guardia and Amanda Miguel, Performer, Death, Grief
Photo: Mezcalent

«Julián, the love of my life, presents his new album and my heart explodes with pride,» shared Maribel Guardia.

«Thank you Amanda and your daughter Ana Victoria for opening the doors of your house and heart to us,» the actress also added to her post.

In it she published a photograph where she appears with Diego Verdaguer’s widow, her daughter and Imelda Tuñón, all dressed in white.

The image triggers the great happiness that both families feel at being able to show the public Julián and Diego’s unpublished songs.

Amanda Miguel and her tribute to Diego Verdaguer

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Photo: Mezcalent

Amanda Miguel also shared her excitement about the launch of this posthumous project on her Instagram account.

«We are gathered here, surrounded by love to present you the album “A Mi Medida” by @julian_f.f that my beloved @diegoverdaguer produced,” she said.

«Thank you @maribelguardia for having the strength to move forward dreaming Julián’s dreams, I love and admire you!» added Amanda Miguel.

«And thank you very much my beloved @soyanavictoria for helping make this great dream come true,» the ‘Castillos’ interpreter concluded.

Posthumous EP by Maribel Guardia’s son

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Maribel Guardia and Amanda Miguel-Photo: Mezcalent

The collaboration between Maribel and Amanda to release Julián Figueroa’s posthumous EP is a moving example of love and respect.

Music is a «vehicle» to keep the memory of Julián Figueroa and Diego Verdaguer alive, as well as share their passion with the world.

The songs are a testament to the potential of a young artist who continues to touch the hearts of those who loved his music.

The EP ‘A mi medida’ will have the songs «Creo que ya es tarde«, «Entrégate mujer», «Ni 30 tequilas» y «Mujer hecha a mi medida». HERE’S THE POST FROM MARIBEL AND AMANDA.

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