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The “queen” of Mexican cartels, Alma “Almilla” Calderón, is arrested

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  • Alma Antonia Calderón García is arrested.
  • She was part of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.
  • Mexican authorities confirmed the arrest of the “Queen of the Cartel”.

A QUEEN IN DISGRACE! Mexican authorities confirm the arrest of Alma Antonia Calderón García, better known as “Almilla”. She is known as the “Queen of the Cartel” due to her romantic ties to Lucas Fierros Mora, alias “El Mataguaches” who works for the Jalisco New generation Cartel.

The arrest was announced days after the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán López, better known as “El Ratón“. He is the son of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as “El Chapo”. El Raton’s arrest in Culiacán, Sinaloa unleashed a wave of terror in the Mexican state with burning vehicles, shootings, and looting.


Photo: Twitter

The Mexican army and SEDENA officers confirmed the arrest of Alma Antonia Calderón García, who is known in the world of drug trafficking as Almilla. According to El Sol de Michoacan, the incident occurred during an operation where she was linked to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, in Aguililla.

Neither Adriana Meza, Ovidio Guzmán’s wife, Emma Coronel or the daughters of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, have held the position of “queen” of the Cartel, as does Alma Antonia Calderón García. She is involved with the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel due to her romantic ties to one of the most feared drug kingpins in Mexico.

What charges does the “Queen of the Cartel” face?

What charges does the "cartel queen"?
Photo: Twitter

The operation took place in Michoacán, Mexico, Almilla was carrying drugs at the time of her arrest. But, it was not the only detail that landed her behind bars. It was revealed that Almilla was accused of kidnapping five people.

According to The Sun, the kidnapping of the five victims was carried out in collaboration with her husband, Lucas Fierro Mora, better known as “El Mataguaches”. The people who were abducted are a 68-year-old farmer, his wife, a 13-year-old, and two workers, who disappeared on December 30.

How was Alma Calderón apprehended?

Cartel queen Alma Calderón arrested: How was she apprehended?
Photo: Twitter

Almilla was apprehended on January 15 while transporting a type of drug that is produced in the Michoacán region. It’s called “ice”, which is a type of methamphetamine that resembles ice. The exact amount she was carrying was not disclosed.

Currently, the “Queen of the Cartel” is in custody of the federal Public Ministry, according to El Sol de Michoacan. At the moment, the whereabouts of the victims who disappeared in December remain unknown. The Mexican authorities did not provide further information on the detention of Alma Antonia Calderón García. Filed Under: Cartel Queen Alma Calderón Arrested

What happened to her husband?

Cartel queen arrested Alma Calderón: What happened to her husband?
Photo: Twitter

Almilla drew attention due to her relationship with Lucas Fierros Mora, or El Mataguaches, who is believed to be the leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel in the municipality of Aguililla. The Sun indicated that the he is accused of involvement in kidnappings, various deaths and bombings of military personnel in Mexico.

His rank as alleged leader arose because he is allegedly in charge of supervising drug trafficking from the municipality of Aguililla to Mexico City, according toThe SunEl Sol de Michoacan stressed that he’s also accused of extortion and disappearing people. Filed Under: Cartel Queen Alma Calderón Arrested

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