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After gaining some weight Allisson Lozz reappears with a new look?

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  • Allisson Lozz reappears with a few extra kilos and fans ask her to return to her previous look.
  • The influencer surprised everyone with her new look.
  • The actress surprised all her followers with her response.

Allisson Lozz has a new look. Former Televisa star Allisson Lozz has been away from television for 12 years and is currently dedicated to her business on social media. She has previously mentioned that she has done much better in this business than when she was a child actress on the most popular network in Mexico.

Now Allisson Lozz has surprised her followers by appearing in a video on her Instagram account, in which she looks unrecognizable. It is well-known that the former Televisa star has gained a bit of weight since her retirement from television. Currently, she is married and has two daughters and is very happy in her life, as she has mentioned.

Allisson Lozz responds to people who ask her to change her look

Allisson Lozz responds to requests for a change of look

It should be remembered that a few days ago her former colleague, actress Altair Jarabo, said she wanted to contact her because she found out that the influencer Lozz had a vision problem and that she was even told that she could go blind at a young age. But so far nothing has been made public about it.

The young woman constantly shares videos on social media, where she looks different every day, and obviously she is no longer the same as when she appeared in telenovelas a few years ago. Several followers have asked her to return to that style which made her stand out on television, so she gave them her answer.

Does she look bad? They ask Allisson Lozz to change her look

Does she look haggard? They ask Allisson Lozz for a change of look

People made such a big deal about it that Allisson Lozz decided to post a video on her Instagram account responding to her followers about their requests. She even stated that she wears wigs during her social media broadcasts.

“I am a chameleon with my hair like all the women in my family and that makes me happy. Perhaps a color suits us more, but that does not mean that we can’t play with our hair. In short, hair is only hair and it grows. In such banal things, do what makes you happy, period,» she said in her video.

Allisson Lozz responds to those who ask her to change her look

Allisson Lozz responds to those who ask for a change of look

On the subject of wearing a wig in her videos, Allisson confirms that she does it to change her image and to avoid being boring and always wearing the same hairstyle. In addition, she says that the dyes she uses are temporary because the colors she used on television had damaged her hair.

“My hair has always been like this, it is filled with life, not straight or broken, it has always been like this, rebellious, and when it was ironed for seven years in a row, picture that, my hair totally died. It is one of the prices we all pay. There is a special section, there is makeup, hairstyle and hairdressing, which nobody tells you about, but we all wear wigs because the hair does not hold,» she added.

Her personal life, her marriage, and her daughters

Your personal life, your marriage, and your daughters

Allisson Lozz married Eliu Gutierrez in 2011. It was then that the young woman announced her retirement from the small screen, which generated a wave of criticism among her fans, who considered that the couple’s religion was limiting actress and singer’s prospects.

However, Lozz made it public she was dedicating herself entirely to being a housewife, stating that her partner had nothing to do with her decision. Her first daughter, London, was born in 2012, while her second daughter, Sydney, was born in 2015. At the moment, she has no plans to resume her artistic career and does not contemplate reappearing in special on-screen events.

Allisson Lozz attacks Televisa

The young woman goes with everything against Televisa
PHOTO: Instagram

Former Mexican actress, Allisson Lozz makes an unexpected confession regarding the world of television and argues that during her work on soap operas she didn’t have money, since they were not paid as much as is believed: “You would be surprised, but many of my fellow actors and I were very, very poor.”

From a very young age Allisson Lozz was already positioning herself as one of the most promising stars on Televisa and with her various productions for children and youth, the 28-year-old woman was winning over the public thanks to her beauty, talent and personality. Filed Under: Allisson Lozz Change Look

The ex-actress makes an unexpected confession about television

The ex-actress reveals an unexpected confession about television
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, People en Espanol released an unexpected confession made by Allisson Lozz, where she unmasked the true face of the world of television, arguing that all that wealth that artists who work on soap operas are supposed to have is an illusion.

According to the outlet, the former telenovela star said that her colleagues did not really earn as much as many viewers believed: «You would be surprised to find out that many of my fellow actors and my family and I were very, very poor», she said in her statement. Filed Under: Allisson Lozz Change Look

«The money they paid us was very little»

"The money they gave us was very little"
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, the former Mexican actress, Allisson Lozz, revealed all the money she earned was going to pay rent, despite working and even being the stars of television productions. She said that all the wealth that actors are believed to have is completely false.

«We paid rent and the apparent luxurious life that an artist leads wasn’t really there,» said Alisson Lozz, who is currently retired from the artistic world being a mother and selling beauty products for a well-known cosmetics brand. Filed Under: Allisson Lozz Change Look

«We didn’t earn anything»

"You didn't earn anything"
PHOTO: Instagram

Given this, Allisson Lozz said that you could not really make a living only from soap operas, since you also had to do other jobs to really make money: «If you did not do commercials, you really didn’t earn anything,» revealed the native of Chihuahua on social media.

The former actress also stated that all these truths about the world of television could not be revealed, since that ‘could ruin the glamor’ of this career. She also stated that many of her fellow actors from the soap opera To hell with the handsome, who were also young could barely pay rent. Filed Under: Allisson Lozz Change Look

«And you couldn’t ask for more money, since for them you were replaceable»

"And you couldn't ask for more money, since for them you weren't indispensable"
PHOTO: Instagram

To finish her statements, where the former Mexican actress, Allisson Lozz revealed everything about the world of television and soap operas, she argued that they couldn’t ask for more money from production, because the reponse was that they ‘weren’t indispensable’. “And you cannot ask for more money because they tell you that you are not indispensable. They demand that even if you feel very sick from so much work, you go on and on.”

After this, it was widely said that she incurred a lot of damage to her health due to the constant stress she was subjected to when she worked: «It’s a very bitter damage, when I remember my life in the artistic environment it still hurts,» concluded Allisson Lozz about how difficult this time was for her. Filed Under: Allisson Lozz Change Look

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