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Plan cósmico: Aliens

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  • Sixto Paz shares with you the topics of a captivating episode of Plan cósmico.
  • Aliens does exist, and we discuss what is known.
  • Telepathy with other beings from the galaxy.

Welcome, knowledge adventurers, aboard our interstellar ship of thought!

In this exciting journey, we will delve into the enigmas that populate the vast cosmos, exploring the deepest corners of existence and the possibility of life beyond our earthly home.

Imagine a universe densely populated with stars and galaxies, where life is not just a possibility but a certainty.

In these times of revelations, governments unveil secrets that have long been kept hidden, confirming the existence of mysterious UFOs and their presence in our skies.

Encounters with Aliens

Beings, Aliens, Figures, MundoNow, Podcast

But beyond sightings, we will immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of close encounters.

From simple sightings to experiences of direct contact and abductions, we will explore the different levels of interaction between humanity and aliens civilizations.

Through accounts and testimonies, we will discover the messages that these cosmic entities transmit to us.

What is their purpose in interacting with us? What teachings do they offer us about our own evolution and destiny in the universe?

Ancient Cultures

Statues, Ancient, Sculptures, MundoNow, Podcast

We will not only explore individual experiences but also collective ones.

From remarkable accounts like that of the contactee George Adams to experiences shared by entire groups, we will analyze how these experiences transform our perception of reality and strengthen our bond with the cosmos.

Delving into the myths and legends of ancient cultures, we will discover how they intertwine with contemporary accounts of extraterrestrial encounters.

Also revealing the deep connection that humanity has maintained with beings from other worlds throughout history.


Antenna, Sky, Extraterrestrials, MundoNow, Aliens

From telepathy to extrasensory perception, we will explore theories suggesting that communication with beings from other worlds goes beyond conventional technology.

Thus, we open the possibility of receiving messages from the cosmos through our minds.

And so, guided by curiosity and the desire for knowledge, we will immerse ourselves in the pursuit of understanding.

We also discuss the writings of the Urantia Foundation to the research of pioneers like Dr. William Sadler.

An Episode from Another World

Galaxy, Beings, Glow, Aliens, Podcast

In them, we will explore how esoteric and scientific knowledge intertwines in the quest to understand our position in the vast universe.

As you can see, an episode full of interesting topics that always make us question our place in this vast and wonderful world.

Don’t miss out on learning more and spending a pleasant moment with us, reflecting on what space holds.

Join us on this exciting journey through the Plan cósmico and discover the secrets that await beyond the stars!

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