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Unrecognizable? Alicia Machado surprises everyone with a new hair cut and plunging neckline (VIDEO)

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  • Alicia Machado debuts a shocking new look.
  • With short, darker hair and a heart-stopping neckline, the Venezuelan beauty set the screen on fire.
  • The La Casa de los Famosos winner launches a new project.

Alicia Machado is going to close 2022 with a great project that she’s very excited about. Fans were shocked by the Venezuelan beauty’s new look. She cut her hair, dyed it a darker shade and, as if that were not enough, her plunging neckline made hearts beat faster.

She has had the same look for years: long, wavy hair and her natural light brown color. However her body has changed since she was on La Casa de los Famosos because she lost weight and toned up.

Alicia Machado stuns everyone

Alicia Machado changes her look

For several weeks, the actress and singer has been promoting weight-loss products. However, this project does not compare with the new announcement she recently made, showing off a new figure, new haircut and a stunning new image.

With shorter hair and a plunging neckline, Alicia Machado is promoting her new perfume, saying it’s an ideal Christmas gift.

Is Alicia Machado unrecognizable?

cleavage shamelessly

Looking sexier than ever in a pink dress, Alicia Machado wrote on Instagram: “Exquisite and feminine, very authentic and sensual! This is my Exclusive Fragrance #Alicia By @ zermatus @ zermatoficial Simply #Alicia by #aliciamachadomissuniverse The perfect gift for Christmas.”

With the fragrance in hand and smiling, Alicia Machado received hundreds of comments from her fans who couldn’t believe her sexy new look.

Did fans like the former Miss Universes new look?

Alicia Machado breaks loose

Immediately people began commenting: «Serious question: does the perfume come with the sexy model?» “Very beautiful Alicia. Her dress, her haircut, total elegance. Blessings.” “Alicia why did you cut your hair.” “That look looks great on you.”

Others commented: «That cut makes you look older.» «Another artist who takes out her perfumes?!» «Short hair looks spectacular on you.» «You look like Sofía Loren.” “You are definitely on another level, that is how extremely spectacular you look.” “Bella! But I like your blonde hair better.” “Divine!! I love your new look.” “You make yourself look older.” SEE THE VIDEO OF ALICIA MACHADO HERE

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