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Hispanic father shot dead while removing snow at a school

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Álex García Ramírez died, Family, Controversy, MundoNow, News
Álex García Ramírez died (PHOTO: GoFundMe)
  • Álex García Ramírez died.
  • Someone shot the Hispanic father at school.
  • The family asks for support on GoFundMe

On a seemingly normal afternoon, Álex Ramírez García, head of a family in Maryland, ended up dying in the snow.

The Police Department confirmed that the cause of death was a gunshot wound, triggering a search for answers.

As the family dealt with the devastating loss, authorities offered a $5,000 reward for information.

The community mobilized to financially support the organization of the funeral for this dedicated worker.


Alex García Ramírez, Tragedy, Murder, Maryland, Hispanic Family, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

A day at work for the head of the house became the beginning of misfortune for a Hispanic family in Maryland.

After Alex Ramírez García was found dying in the snow he had to clean.

«Our lives have been shattered by an unexpected and devastating loss,» the text began.

«My beloved husband tragically passed away on Wednesday, January 17 while working as a snowplow driver,» those are the words that Keny Aguilar Valenzuela uses to announce, through a GoFundMe account, that the household provider will no longer be there.

What did the police say?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

The housewife’s version was confirmed by the Howard County Police Department.

Announcing, through a statement, that Ramírez had succumbed to the gunshot wound at Johns Hopkins Hospital overnight, after hours of agony.

In preliminary interviews with the victim’s wife, Homicide Detectives found that Ramírez García had arrived hours earlier than scheduled at a Montessori school in Ellicott City.

There he had been hired to clear snow from the parking area.

How did they find Alex García Ramírez?

No Suspects, GoFundMe, Grief, Funerals, Community, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

It was just 8:45 in the morning when someone came across his body lying on the ice and a few meters away from the truck he used to work, the police detailed in the official report.

Authorities suspect it was hours before he was found, he was in the extreme cold with a gunshot wound.

That would have complicated his condition and always kept him in a critical phase.

«He had started work a few hours earlier, so we don’t know exactly when this occurred,» Howard County police spokesman Seth Hoffman told local media.

What does the research dictate?

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Detectives have begun searching for clues, requesting videos from the school’s security cameras, but so far the investigation has stalled.

«We don’t have any suspects. We don’t have any motive… but we do not preliminarily believe it is related to any specific business or location at this time,» Hoffman said.

In an effort to find those responsible, the Howard Police Department made an announcement.

Through his social media and official page, he said that he will give a reward of $5,000 to anyone who provides relevant information about the case.

«We need any information»

Montessori School, Ellicott City, Extreme Cold, Gunshot Wound, MundoNOW
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«We really need any information, no matter how small,» Hoffman said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at or 410-313-STOP.

The informant, if one wishes, can remain anonymous, the police department said in its statement.

While the investigation remains active due to the lack of a suspect, Alex’s family seeks resources to give him the most honorable funeral.

«Alex was kind to everyone»

Despair, Confidentiality, Reward, Local News, Press, Official Statement
PHOTO: Shutterstock

“Alex was kind to everyone and had an incredible talent for landscaping and masonry work,” is how his wife recalled him.

As explained by his family, his departure has left an immense void. TO SEE GOFUNDME PAGE, CLICK HERE.

Especially in his two daughters, one 11 years old and another eight years old. TO SEE COMPLAINT, CLICK HERE.

The girls were left waiting for their dad to return early to play with them.

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