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Aleska insults La Melaza on ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Aleska comment La Melaza- Aleska comentario La Melaza, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Aleska insults La Melaza (Photo: Meznivel)
  • Aleska insults La Melaza.
  • She’s criticized for being racist.
  • Will she be one of the top three finalists?

In an evening full of emotion and expectations, the first finalist of the season was eliminated on May 16 from La Casa de los Famosos 4.

The eliminated contestant secured the seventh place in a competition that has captivated thousands of viewers for four intense months.

However, the audience’s attention is not solely on the competition but also on speculation about who will take the last spot.

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Aleska insults La Melaza

Aleska comment La Melaza, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In polls and chats dedicated to the reality show, names like Alana Lliteras, Aleska Génesis, Geraldine Bazán and Paulo Quevedo were buzzing as potential candidates for elimination.

It’s important to remember that this week, the houseguests were visited by their family members, creating an emotional atmosphere.

Among the notable visits was Aleska Génesis’ sister Michell, who entered La Casa de los Famosos.

Aleska took her sister to the Cuarto Fuego, where they shared intimate conversations about the reality show experience.

Was Aleska racist?

However, a comment made by Aleska during the conversation has sparked a wave of criticism on social media.

She expressed her discomfort when she realized she would be the only woman sharing the Cuarto Agua with a male houseguest.

«I’m going to sleep next to this Black guy, I don’t even know what he’s like…,» she said

Criticism towards Aleska has been swift, with numerous social media users expressing their disapproval of the comment considered racist and discriminatory.

Aleska is attacked for her comment about La Melaza

Aleska, La Melaza, Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Photo: Instagram: Telemundo

Some have emphasized the importance of reflecting on the language we use and the impact of words in perpetuating stereotypes and prejudices.

«She’s horrible! She has nothing beautiful in her heart!» «People justify that’s how they speak in their country well in the USA it’s racism, period in PR it’s racism there are other ways to refer, it was not right,» were two comments.

«This chick is unbearable.» «They are just alike now criticizing Ariadna Oh My God.» «Racism at its highest level,» others added on Instagram.

«Girls, you will never have class and glamour. You give the impression that you live off youth and beauty, and that is not eternal,» said another user.

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