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Alena Nicole Pena Murillo planned the robbery and murder of Larry Ortiz Jr. (PHOTOS)

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Alena Nicole Pena Murillo orquestó junto a otros cuatro jóvenes el asesinato a balazos y robo del padre de familia Larry Ortiz Jr. en Freeport, Texas.
  • Alena Nicole Pena Murillo planned a home invasion in Texas.
  • The girl and another accomplice seduced the victim’s son in order to rob him.
  • 5 people were arrested in connection with the crime.

Alena Nicole Pena Murillo and four other people planned the shooting murder and robbery of family man Larry Ortiz Jr. in Freeport, Texas. Larry Ortiz Jr., 45, was vacationing with his family in the Treasure Island tourist area in the Gulf of Mexico, where he was killed protecting his loved ones in a brutal crime.

Alena Nicole Pena Murillo, 20, was the last person to be arrested of the group of five who perpetrated the crime against Larry Ortiz Jr. The other defendants are Anzley Tay Castillo, 20; Guadalupe Navarro, 23; Richard Horn Jr., 29 and Keerston Wilkerson, 21.

Alena Nicole Pena Murillo planned a violent home invasion

Alena Nicole Pena Murillo, barely 20 years old, planned a violent home invasion that ended with the murder of a good family man who was vacationing with his family. (PHOTO: Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office)

All members of the group are facing felony murder and other charges. In Texas, this is punishable by 20 to 99 years in prison.

Detectives from the Homicide Division of the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) investigated the brutal murder of family man Larry Ortiz Jr. who, according to case documents, was shot to death while protecting his children from armed robbers.

Two girls seduced the victim’s son on social media

Guadalupe Navarro, 23, and Anzley Tay Castillo, 20, (left to right) participated in the robbery and murder of the family man. The former entered the house with a weapon and the latter was part of the seduction plot. (PHOTO: Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office)

The documents of the case against Alena Nicole Pena Murillo, consulted by MundoNow, detail that on Friday, January 27, 2023, Larry Ortiz Jr. rented a weekend house for his family on Treasure Island because they were going to attend a quinceañera party in Freeport, a fishing port southwest of Houston.

On Friday night, Larry Ortiz III, the victim’s son, and a friend arranged to meet Alena Nicole Pena Murillo and Anzley Kay Castillo at 1504 Bar and Grill in Freeport for a drink. They met through social media. Then they returned to the house where the family was gathered. The young men were hoping to have sex.

Larry Ortiz Jr. was killed protecting his family

Larry Ortiz Jr., 45, gave his life to save his family from violent robbery after he had planned a weekend at the beach. (PHOTO: Special for MundoNow)

However, Alena Nicole Pena Murillo and Anzley Kay Castillo had another plan. When they returned to the house, Richard Horn, Keerston Wilkerson and Guadalupe Navarro — armed and masked — suddenly burst in. The boys were with the girls who gave them the family’s information and details of the house.

There were six adults and several small children. All of the family. At one point there was a confrontation and the patriarch stepped forward demanding that the thieves not harm his loved ones. That brave gesture cost the Hispanic family man his life.

The thieves got $600 and a phone

Richard Horn Jr., 29, and Keerston Wilkerson, 21, (left to right) used the girls to lure their potential victims in at least two Texas counties. (PHOTO: Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office)

The furious thieves shot and killed Larry Ortiz Jr. in front of his own children. They then fled the scene with only $600 and a cell phone. They left behind a family filled with confusion and grief.

The Texas Rangers of Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) joined the investigation and recovered images from various security cameras in Freeport. Thanks to that they were able to identify Alena Nicole Pena Murillo.

The thieves operated in other Texas counties

Alena Pena
PHOTO: Taken from Facebook.

The thieves were part of a gang that perpetrated other similar attacks in the Fort Bend County in the southwestern greater Houston area.

The three girls have some kind of romantic relationship with the other two armed youths. The five of them planned the robberies. The mode of operation was the same. Alena Nicole Pena Murillo and Anzley Kay Castillo identified and attracted the potential victims and the boys robbed the victims.

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