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Alejandro Arellano stabs girlfriend Samantha Maldonado to death on a subway platform (PHOTOS)

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Asesinato Alejandro Arellano Samantha Maldonado
  • Samantha Maldonado came to the US from Ecuador less than a year  ago.
  • Alejandro Arellano was her ex-boyfriend.
  • He stabbed her to death on a subway platform.

Alejandro Arellano stabs Samantha Maldonado. Tragedy struck the Hispanic community with the brutal murder of 26-year-old Samantha Maldonado. She had moved to the US from Ecuador less than a year before she was stabbed on a subway platform in Chicago by her ex, Alejandro Arellano.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the incident happened on a Saturday morning and just before dying, Maldonado identified her attacker as 31-year-old  Alejandro Arellano.

Samantha Maldonado broke up with Alejandro Arellano hours before the massacre

Alejandro Arellano is the murderer

The Chicago police department reported that Alejandro Arellano had been captured, and gave the macabre details of what happened hours before he stabbed his ex-girlfriend Samantha Maldonado.

«A key piece of evidence in this case came from the victim herself: she named Arellano as the offender before she succumbed to her injuries,» said police chief Eric Carter. He also said that they had been dating for five months but hours before the murder Samantha had broken up with Alejandro.

Samantha Maldonado is stabbed several times by her ex-boyfriend

Samantha Maldonado stabbed to death

Alejandro Arellano appeared in court on Monday. Prosecutors said that he met Samantha Maldonado at a bar, there they apparently argued and she decided to end their relationship. She ran out of the bar and he followed her to the subway.

«As the defendant was going up the stairs of the CTA station, he pulled out a folding knife from his pocket and extended the blade,» Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Ann McCord said, according to ABC 7. Security cameras show that Samantha Maldonado, already on the platform, tried to hide behind an equipment box, then tried to catch a train but Arellano caught her.

Security cameras captured the murder

Alejandro Arellano waited for her when she got off the subway

The attack was captured on security cameras. After missing the train, Samantha Maldonado tried to escape and that was when Arellano hit her, then grabbed her by the neck and shoulder to stab her several times with the knife. Seeing her badly wounded, he fled.

Maldonado tried to go down the stairs of the station to ask for help when people saw her covered in blood. They tried to help her and tragically, her last words were to name her killer who was arrested 14 hours after the murder and now he will face justice.

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