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Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal: Reveals her state of health

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Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal's health (Photos: Mezcalent/ Getty Images)
  • Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal.
  • Reveals your health status.
  • Is the actress serious?

Alejandra Guzmán has chosen to disclose important details regarding the health of her mother, the esteemed Silvia Pinal.

At 92 years old, the celebrated actress, regarded as a treasure of Mexico, has caused concern among her fans.

This news came to light following the revelation that she had been hospitalized since December 21 to receive specialized medical attention.

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In 1949, Silvia Pinal began her cinematic journey with a modest role in the film «El pecado de Laura» («Laura’s Sin»).

However, it was her participation in Luis Buñuel’s trilogy, notably in «Viridiana,» that she gained international acclaim.

In an exclusive interview with Telediario, María Luisa Valdés revealed that although Silvia Pinal’s health condition is currently stable, the actress has experienced critical moments, including a stay in intensive care.

This is not the first time she has encountered serious health challenges.

Alejandra Guzmán talks about her mother’s health

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Roughly over a year ago, the renowned actress Silvia Pinal faced complications stemming from Covid-19.

The latest update on her health was disclosed by her daughter, Alejandra Guzmán, who decided to break the silence on the matter.

The singer provided detailed information about her mother’s condition on the show ‘Sale el Sol’.

«My mom was hospitalized because she caught the flu. It was quite complicated, and we had to clear all the phlegm, but she has been recovering incredibly well,» she explained.

Medical reports on the health of Silvia Pinal

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Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal Photo Mezcalent

Silvia Pinal’s daughter, Alejandra Guzmán, elaborated that her mother’s hospitalization began on December 21, and since then, they have been closely monitoring the positive progression in the actress’s health.

Guzmán commended her mother’s resilience and overall health, noting that despite being generally healthy, the flu caught her off guard.

«She is very strong, her heart is very strong,» she added. The doctor overseeing Silvia Pinal’s care provided further details, explaining that the actress had contracted influenza.

This condition was further complicated by a bacterial infection, leading to pneumonia. Fortunately, the pneumonia did not become more severe.

The details behind Silvia Pinal’s illness

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It has been confirmed that Silvia Pinal’s condition is stable and she is receiving the necessary treatment, as announced by her daughter, the singer Alejandra Guzmán, famous for songs like ‘Rosas Rojas’.

Maria Luisa Valdés Doria reported in a tweet that Silvia Pinal was admitted to intensive care on December 22 due to respiratory issues.

This situation has led the actress’s children, deeply concerned for her well-being, to visit her regularly in the hospital.

Journalist Maguicha shared an update, saying, «Today Alejandra Guzmán went to see her mother. They removed the mask that had been helping her to breathe, and today she was able to sit up in a chair.»

More details awaited

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Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal PHOTO: MEZCALENT

In summary, Alejandra Guzmán’s recent disclosure regarding the health of her mother, Silvia Pinal, has brought attention to the concerning health situation of the iconic Mexican actress.

Despite dealing with complications arising from influenza, the updates provided assure that Silvia Pinal is currently in a stable condition.

Moreover, her daughter has shared that Pinal is responding well to medical treatment.

The dedication and support from her family, demonstrated through the frequent visits by the actress’s children, play a crucial role during this challenging period.  (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE VIDEO).

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