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Goalkeeper Alberto Lejárraga comes out with a photo kissing his boyfriend

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  • Soccer player Alberto Lejárraga comes out!
  • He celebrated his team’s win with a photo kissing his boyfriend.
  • He plays for the Marbella Fútbol Club.

Spanish goalkeeper Alberto Lejárraga comes out with an exuberant photo. He celebrated his team’s win and his promotion to the Second Division of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) with a photo where he’s kissing his boyfriend, according to Medio Tiempo.

He posted the photo on April 25 after his match ended and the first thing he did was run into the arms of his love to celebrate and thank him for his support.

Alberto Lejárraga comes out

Spanish doorman gay kiss
Photo Twitter

Alberto Lejárraga is 28 years old and is enjoying a fruitful soccer career. Although the path to the first division is long and difficult, at least the Spanish team has achieved its first objective.

And although the photographs caused some controversy, most people were excited that Alberto was proud to share his love with the world.

What did Alberto say?

love soccer player
Photo Twitter

Alberto Lejárraga wrote the following on Twitter: “Thank you very much for always being by my side, through thick and thin! This time we had to live the beauty of this! Thank you.” He immediately got positive and negative reactions.

“Thank you for being brave and not hiding and being free.” “What a slamming goal, although the best save is that of taboos. Congratulations on living your life normally.” “Congratulations on the promotion and thanks for the gesture and for the visibility.”

The congratulations pour in

Spanish doorman gay kiss
Photo Twitter

The positive messages poured in: “Great triumph worked and well deserved. I love you for being who you are: brave, honest, respectful, intelligent. You deserve all the good that the future holds for you and you will always be supported by the people who truly love you. Thousands of kisses.»

Others commented: “Congratulations and congratulations for everything Alberto. The promotion and what you have done, which is very important. I hope they all do the same. It is time for athletes to express themselves naturally. Bravo for you, for your partner and your family and long live freedom and visibility.”

Are there other openly gay pro soccer players?

Football player
Photo Twitter

Lejárraga is not only known for his most recent photo but also for his professional career. He became the goalkeeper with the least goals scored in the league and is also a computer engineer.

The first soccer player to come out was Justin Fashanu in 1990. More recently Collin Martin, David Testo in the United States, Thomas Hitzlsperger in Germany, Josh Cavallo in Australia, Jake Daniels in the United Kingdom and Jakub Jankto have joined him.

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