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Miami teacher accused of sending explicit images to a student

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Alberto Hernández, photos, teacher, accused
Alberto Hernández (PHOTO: Miami-Dade Police Department)
  • Miami teacher accused of sending explicit images.
  • He sent them to a 17-year-old student.
  • They allegedly included photos of his genitals.

A shocking scandal shook South Florida after authorities announced the arrest of high school teacher Alberto Hernández.

The Mater Bay Academy charter school teacher was arrested on Tuesday, January 16, at his place of residence, in Miami-Dade County.

The local Special Victims Bureau received a complaint against him for allegedly sending photographs of his genitals to a student.

Police stated that these images were received by a 17-year-old boy.

It started during the winter break

student, messages, police, Hernández, MundoNow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The investigation began immediately after police received a call from school administrators.

They reported that there were inappropriate communications between one of their teachers and a student.

The contact between the teacher and his student, according to authorities, began during a school break.

They did not reveal how Hernández got the student’s phone number.

Albert Hernández began messaging the student on WhatsApp

incident, center, information, relatives, MundoNow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

“The teacher started conversations on WhatsApp… they were friendly messages until they became illicit messages,” said a spokesperson for the Miami Dade Police Department at a press conference with local media.

The authorities contacted the alleged victim and he told them that he received a photograph of the teacher’s penis, as detailed in Hernández’s arrest warrant.

The school administration immediately issued a letter to parents about what it considers an «extremely serious» situation.

«Our administrative team was informed of alleged inappropriate electronic communications between a staff member and student. We take these allegations seriously, and without hesitation, we contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department,» the letter states.

Alberto Hernández was immediately terminated

crime scene, police, police at the scene, police working, MundoNow
Photo Shutterstock

The administration further clarified that the incident did not occur at school, it happened during winter break.

School officials reiterated that Hernández was terminated and will not be returning to the school.

«We are committed to maintaining an environment where our students are safe.»

«Our school has a zero tolerance policy and we are committed to investigating and reporting any concerns promptly,» the letter said.

Alberto Hernández was arrested

police, police, abuse, teacher, aggression, MundoNow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The teacher was placed under arrest and faces a charge of felony electronic transmission/harmful to minors.

For now, it is unknown what his current legal status is.

MundoNow consulted the county records and he does not appear among their prison population, so it is presumed that he was released on bail.

Even though Hernández is not in custody, detectives assure the investigation into Hernández has not concluded.

There may be more victims

police, sirens, teacher, MundoNow, arrested
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Investigators from the Miami-Dade Police Special Victims Bureau believe there may be more victims and asked for the community’s support to reach them.

«Any other person who has had inappropriate contact with the teacher can report their case through the number 305-715-3300 or contact the Special Victims Office,» said Miami-Dade police.

Because this type of thing happens too frequently, police have warned parents and guardians to monitor their children’s communication.

They should also make it clear they should tell an adult if a teacher or other figure is inappropriate with them.

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