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After showing her breasts in the Caribbean Series, the Mexican Fátima Muñoz reappears in a daring video

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Foto Facebook Fatima Muñoz
  • After showing her attributes in the Caribbean Series, Fátima Muñoz reappears in another video
  • The Mexican appears on a yacht drinking sensually
  • Followers were so captivated by the fan that they ask her to do Only Fans

Fatima Muñoz drinking yacht. After last weekend she was

expelled from the Teodoro Mariscal stadium in Mazatlan, Mexico, in the Caribbean Series For showing her breasts to all those present, the Mexican Fátima Muñoz reappears in another video but now at sea.

This time through your account Instagram, the young woman shared a video where she appears on a yacht, enjoying the sea and the drinks she ingests very sensually.

And it is that the Mexican is on her knees at the stern of the yacht, while her companion is giving her a drink with a breast-shaped jar, which she holds on top of her.

Fatima Muñoz drinking yacht


Fátima Muñoz is characterized by being an overly attractive woman, in addition to constantly showing off her beauty with daring photographs, where she makes her figure shine; In this recording, the young woman continues to show that her sensuality is not up for discussion.

In the publication that uploaded on her social network, the Mexican wears a black swimsuit, with a transparent blouse, while she refreshes herself with the drink that her partner gives her, under the immense sun in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.


Immediately, some followers asked Fátima to show her attributes again, as she did in the baseball stadium, where she gave a whole show, for the fans who enjoyed the moment.

Some Internet users who comment on the recording of the young woman, have been captivated by the beauty of Fátima, who have even asked her to create her account on Only Fans, a website that celebrities use to share images and videos of them very daring.


«You were the best of the Caribbean Series»

The recording of Fátima Muñoz, where she enjoys the most of Mazatlán on a yacht, has obtained a great response from the followers who immediately commented on the video.

Fatima Muñoz drinking yacht 2


There were even those who told her they want to see her on Only Fans: “We want only fans! «, While others ask for the video where she shows her breasts:» Post the videos of the Caribbean series Fatima you were the best of that series. «

“You are more than that”, “Aha coming from the stadium”, “the good thing that I found a richer picture of you…”, “The good thing that we took it with grace”, ”Beautiful big eyes, greetings”, “Is the cup you? mold? «,» Beautiful chich … I love you «,» Very beautiful my life, thank you for accepting my request «,» that is my queen of the Caribbean «,» the face of the one who is giving you «,» I also want to give it to you in the Boca ”,“ For you I am going to see more baseball ”,“ In the absence of self-esteem to show oneself on public roads to attract attention ”were some of the comments.

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Fatima Muñoz was forcibly removed from the Mazatlán stadium

Previously Fátima Muñoz, who has gone viral on social networks for her video at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium in Mazatlan, where she showed her breasts to all the public that was in the place, according to Reform Agency.

Fatima Muñoz drinking yacht 3


Everything happened while there was a pause in the meeting between the Tomateros de Culiacán and the Caribes de Anzoátegui, Venezuela, in the stands of the stadium they were astonished when Fátima opened her shirt and with a sensual dance she shows off her great attributes, leaving her mouth open. fans who watched the woman closely.

Between applause, shouts and whistles from the fans who enjoyed the moment the Mexican gave them, Fatima Muñoz minutes later was handcuffed and removed from the place by the security elements.

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