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Did Adolfo Ángel die? How El Temerario Mayor came out to deny the rumors

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Adolfo Ángel death rumors, Adolfo Ángel dies, Adolfo Ángel, Temerarios, MundoNOW / Adolfo Ángel rumores muerte, Adolfo Ángel muerte, Adolfo Ángel, Temerarios, MundoNOW
Adolfo Ángel death rumors / Photo Meznivel
  • Adolfo Ángel denies death rumors.
  • Fake news about the Los Temerarios singer.
  • What actually happened?

Recently, fans of the iconic Mexican band Los Temerarios were shaken by rumors that Adolfo Ángel had died.

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW

It’s worth noting that Adolfo Ángel, better known as the ‘Temerario Mayor’, is one of the founding members of the group, and their lead vocalist.

Through platforms like TikTok, the rumor of his supposed death rapidly gained traction, upsetting his fans.

Several videos that reported the charismatic singer, also known as the ‘Temerario Mayor’, had died.

This fake news triggered an outpouring of condolences from fans worldwide, who flooded social media with grief-stricken messages.

Adolfo Ángel death rumors emerge

Adolfo Ángel rumors death, Adolfo Ángel death, Temerarios, Adolfo Ángel, MundoNOW
Adolfo Ángel death rumors / Photo: Mezcalent

Similarly, on social media, people were sharing images of a coffin purportedly containing the remains of the renowned artist.

It’s worth mentioning that uncertainty gripped his fans, who were clamoring for an official confirmation of the Adolfo Ángel death rumors.

«Is it true or false, someone tell the truth.» «It can’t be, I was just about to attend his concert,» were just two of the desperate comments from fans.

Many of Los Temerarios’ fans expressed their anguish and confusion on social media.

Adolfo Ángel denies the rumors

Adolfo Ángel rumors death, Adolfo Ángel death, Adolfo Ángel, Temerarios, MundoNOW

Adolfo Ángel death rumors  Photo: Mezcalent

However, fans were relieved when singer Adolfo Ángel came forward to reveal the truth about the rumors that were spreading.

The popular singer took to Twitter to reassure his fans that the death rumors were false.

The post shows him playing the piano and sharing a comforting message with his fans.

«Enjoying life and the best of it: my family, music, and all of you in just five days!» can be read in the vocalist’s post from Los Temerarios.

«God, what a scare!»

Adolfo Ángel rumors death, Temerarios, vocalist Temerarios, singer, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

It’s important to highlight that, despite  the news that Los Temerarios is breaking up, the group is preparing for a final tour to the delight of their fans.

Likewise, hundreds of users reacted on social media to the Adolfo Ángel death rumors after the singer came forward to assure everyone he’s still alive.

«He debunked that ugly rumor.» «And TikTok ‘killed’ you… thankfully, this dispels it.» «God, what a scare, that news gave me quite a fright. I’m glad to know you’re okay,» were some comments.

«Such sensationalism, I just saw a TikTok that made me feel sad in the morning, but later I found out it was a lie. Thank God,» continued the comments.

Concern for the lead singer of Los Temerarios

Mexican singer, group vocalist, social networks, celebrities, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The spread of rumors and fake news can have a profound impact on the community, causing anxiety, sadness and confusion among the fans of artists and public figures.

According to infobae, fans were relieved to learn that Adolfo is still alive and they quickly shared the singer’s message.

«I’m happy, Adolfo, because in the morning I saw a TikTok that made me feel sad, but later I saw that it was a lie. Thank God,» continued the messages.

«One of my dreams is to see and hear them in person… God willing, I’ll go and take my mom,» said one of his followers.

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