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Mexican presenter Adianez Hernández breaks her silence after cheating

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Adianez Hernández breaks the silence about 'cheating'
Adianez Hernández breaks the silence about 'cheating'
  • Adianez Hernández breaks her silence about ‘cheating’.
  • She was involved in a cheating scandal.
  • Adianez issued a statement on Instagram.

The love lives of celebrities have always been the subject of public attention and scrutiny.

On this occasion, the focus is on Adianez Hernández, the renowned actress and former Survivor contestant.

The star has decided to break her silence and offer a public apology for cheating on her, now ex, Rodrigo Cachero.

This situation also involves Larisa Mendizabal and Augusto Bravo.

Adianez Hernández addresses cheating scandal for the first time

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The drama broke out when both Rodrigo Cachero and Larisa Mendizabal confirmed the affair.

Their exes, Adianez Hernández and Augusto Bravo, were caught cheating.

However, it was Adianez who decided to speak publicly through a statement she shared on her official Instagram account.

In an emotional message, Adianez offered apologies to Larisa, her parents, siblings and children, acknowledging that she began a new relationship before filing for divorce.

Adianez Hernández apologizes

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The actress, visibly affected and even emotional, talked about the attacks she’s received from the public and the media.

Adianez admitted that she may not have fully considered the impact on her family when she began the relationship.

However, the host was firm in her position that the attacks directed at her children are not fair.

She bravely stated that it is not fair that children are being dragged into this situation.

What else did Adianez Hernández say?

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She also stated that she has had to deactivate the comments on her posts due to the waves of hate she has faced.

It is important to note that Adianez Hernández has two children, which makes this scandal even more sensitive.

The actress made it clear that this statement would be the first and only time she would speak publicly about what happened in her marriage.

She said that since she needed time to reflect so that she wouldn’t say anything she might regret.

Adianez Hernández says every relationship has its secrets

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«In relationships, many things happen behind closed doors and everything that happens is the responsibility of both parties,» she began.

«Every present has a past and only those of us who are inside know what we are experiencing,» Adianez emphasized.

Adianez also mentioned her ex, Rodrigo Cachero, saying that her love for him had faded.

She said that the love between her and Rodrigo was completely gone, making this news even more shocking.

Adianez also apologized to Larisa Mendizabal

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

She said that, although in retrospect she knows that she should have ended her marriage before starting a new relationship, the thought of destroying her family caused her immense pain.

«Just imagining that I was going to destroy my family hurt me a lot, I know I didn’t do things right,» she confessed.

One of the most emotional moments of the statement was when Adianez specifically apologized to Larisa Mendizabal.

She also mentioned all the women who identify with her situation.

Will her apology make a difference?

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In addition, she extended apologies to her parents — to her mother for the pain she has caused her, and to her brothers, her children and to the father of her children, Santi.

Adianez acknowledged her inability to control her emotions and said that she had ultimately fallen in love with someone else.

This statement from Adianez Hernández marks a turning point in the history of her personal and professional life.

Her decision to offer a public apology is a brave step towards responsibility and understanding the consequences of her actions.

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