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Adame and Lupillo Rivera reconcile and surprise everyone: «We are friends»

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Adame and Lupillo Rivera (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Adame and Lupillo Rivera reconcile.
  • Tension, jokes and friendship.
  • The strong enmity that celebrities created.

«La Casa de los Famosos» continues to be the epicenter of controversy, with altercations reaching worrying levels.

Such was the case with Carlos Gómez, who was expelled after assaulting Rodrigo Romeh.

This situation has sparked debate among viewers, with some defending Gómez’s actions while others support his expulsion.

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Before this incident, the atmosphere in the house became tense when Alfredo Adame and Lupillo Rivera engaged in a heated dispute, exchanging threats and insults.

Although they didn’t escalate to physical violence like Romeh and Carlos, both were separated just in time to prevent a physical altercation.

Following this confrontation, the rivalry between the different rooms—Fire, Water, and Earth—intensified significantly, and things had been quite tense in recent days.

On Wednesday, February 28th, the house leader announced that movie night was officially open, marking a new stage for the inhabitants.

Tensions within the house

pranks, friendship, reality show, television, celebrities
PHOTO MundoNOW Archive

During the event, the incident involving Alfredo Adame’s ginger juice was revisited, which had been the subject of a prank by members of the Earth room.

This situation occurred in the early weeks of the reality show, when tensions and conflicts among the participants had not yet escalated.

The episode served as a catalyst for Alfredo and Lupillo to overcome their differences, as many claim that both found peace within that moment.

As usual, the production screened excerpts of the inhabitants’ actions, including secrets, jokes, and arguments, during movie night.

The gesture that proves a ‘reconciliation’

Alfredo Adame, Lupillo Rivera, expulsion, rivalry
Adame and Lupillo Rivera reconcile PHOTO: Mezcalent

In a gesture of reconciliation, Lupillo proposed that the «Ginger shot» be given to Adame again as part of the prank.

Upon hearing this, Alfredo extended his hand to Lupillo, who responded with a firm handshake, thus sealing their friendship with the words: «We are friends.»

This gesture, completely unexpected by the members, was met with applause from some of the inhabitants.

However, there are those who opine that the past issue between Adame and Lupillo was merely to draw attention and create some noise in the house.

Divided opinions and gestures of friendship

 production, social networks, discussions, aggression, movie night
PHOTO: Mezcalent

It’s also worth noting that up to this point, neither Adame nor Lupillo have commented further on the matter, but it appears that everything has been resolved between them within the house.

However, opinions on social media were divided, with many labeling them as ‘hypocrites’ and questioning the authenticity of their reconciliation.

Some comments on social media included: «It’s all just fake there,» «Both hypocrites,» said some.

While others, on the other hand, stated: «Alfredo was shaking in his boots,» «At least they didn’t come to blows this time,» they assured.

The strong threat that Lupillo launched days ago

 laughter, spectators, debate, controversy, expelled
Adame and Lupillo Rivera reconcile PHOTO: Mezcalent

After the clash between Lupillo Rivera and Alfredo Adame, Jenni’s brother decides to send a message to the host.

«Revenge is a dish best served cold. If I can’t get revenge here in the house, I will get revenge outside of the house, and I say that publicly,» Rivera warned during the last gala of the program.

«Write it down. If you want to file a report with the police so that when the revenge happens, you won’t have trouble finding the culprit. So you know it was me,» Lupillo affirmed.

In response, Adame attributed the conflict to Gregorio Pernía and his strategy but did not hesitate to challenge Rivera to settle their differences outside the house (WATCH THE VIDEO).

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