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Adamari López worries her followers with a sad video: ‘Everything in life ends’

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  • Adamari López shares a melancholy message.
  • Fans wonder if she’s going through a hard time.
  • Is Adamari interested in opening an OnlyFans account?

Adamari López worries her followers with a sad video. The popular Puerto Rican host, who is beloved by the Hispanic public, is very dedicated to social media. She often shares funny videos as well as reflections on life and memories of her family and friends.

However, a recent video has aroused some concern among her fans. Adamari wistfully reflects on life and has a message for her followers.

Is she okay? Adamari López shares a sad message

PHOTO: Instagram

With a sad song playing in the background, Adamari recorded herself walking on the beach and reflecting on life. However, the song itself is the message that the former Hoy Día host wanted to give her followers. Now people wonder if she’s okay.

The lyrics of the song are: Everything in life ends, the good and the bad are days that pass, trust your strength, remember the seas that you already learned to navigate (…) let it die the old thing is to give sea to your honey.

The host reveals that she is ready for new projects

PHOTO: Instagram

The purpose of the video that the actress and presenter also shared was to reflect on life changes and to remember that no matter how bad things seem, they will always improve. «Ready to start a new week full of opportunities and new adventure; And you?» she wrote.

Adamari is taking time away from the small screen and she hasn’t announced any new projects since leaving Telemundo. Still, people hope that she will return to hosting shows soon. «I love what you share, but are you okay?» «You are a warrior of life and an example for all women,» users commented on her post.

Is Adamari considering OnlyFans?

Adamari López worries with a melancholic video
PHOTO: Instagram

Adamari does not always share mournful videos. She usually makes her millions of followers laugh with her witticisms. Last week she declared jokingly that she would be interested in opening an OnlyFans account.

Adamari is well aware that there are public figures who have become rich on the platform. Mexican influencer Karely Ruíz is a perfect example.

 Adamari makes her followers laugh

Adamari López worries with a melancholic video
PHOTO: Instagram

The mother of an 8-year-old daughter shared a reel with an audio of an interview made by an Only Fans user which reveals that she makes up to $10,000 a day through subscriptions.

Adamari joked about starting an account herself and although it was just a joke, her followers were shocked.

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