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Adamari López sends a message amid the controversy with Luis Fonsi

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Adamari López sends a message (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Did Adamari López send a message to Luis Fonsi?
  • What was the cryptic response?
  • What the Puerto Rican host said about her ex.

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi’s latest single has caused an uproar online.

Rumors spread that Pasa la Página was directed towards Adamari López — a jab at her moving on from Toni Costa.

Now, the host has shared a video on her Instagram account, leaving plenty of room for speculation.

Could Adamari be subtly hinting that the song is indeed about her?

Adamari López’s message to Luis Fonsi

Adamari López, message, controversy, indirect, Luis Fonsi
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Luis Fonsi just dropped his new track, and the public is convinced that it’s laden with implications directed at his ex, Adamari López.

Pasa la Página include lines like: “You’re not the victim. To be loved, no apologies are needed. Turn the page.»

«Live your life. You’re narrating a story that’s reached its end.» And this merely scratches the surface of these lyrics.

The song has generated much speculation, primarily concerning its references to the Puerto Rican actress.

Moving on from Toni Costa?

 Toni Costa, song, mundonow, Puerto Rican, turn the page,
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Adamari López and Toni Costa are public about still maintaining ties after their breakup.

The pair shares a daughter, and they strive to cultivate a solid, amicable friendship for her sake.

Though many claim that the Puerto Rican star often drops hints about the Spanish dancer on her social media.

Adamari has caused a stir with the videos she posts on Instagram.

Addressing Luis Fonsi’s song

Instagram, telemundo host, mundonow, famous, social networks
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The Puerto Rican host and actress shared a Reel that’s sparked conversation among her followers.

Many believe it’s a direct response to all the chatter around her and her ex-husband’s latest song.

«Stop advising me on what I should or shouldn’t do; I don’t pay attention,» Adamari declares in the surprising video.

The clip has already garnered nearly 300,000 views and over 15,000 reactions.

Adamari López’s subtle hints

hints, today, Reel, couple separation, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Many of Adamari’s followers think her message has to do with Luis Fonsi’s new song.

She has frequently emphasized that she doesn’t drop hints on social media.

She says it’s all for fun. However, netizens seem to think differently.

They insist that she is regularly sending subtle messages to Toni Costa and his new girlfriend.

Is Adamari’s video a response to the song?

mundonow, dedications, toni and adamari, adamari and luis fonsi, puerto rican couple
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Comments flooded Adamari López’s video, some laced with humor.

«Is this her response to Luis Fonsi?» or «Can this be more directly addressed to Luis Fonsi?» were among the comments.

«I’d rather think Mr. Fonsi enjoys the reminder of Adamari; I believe he’s aware of how deeply she loved him,» one comment read.

«We’re mature enough not to pay heed to people who intrude where they’re not welcome… carry on with your life,» another commenter stated.

Luis Fonsi dispels the rumors

luis fonsi music, songs by luis fonsi, luis fonsi clarifies rumors, mundonow
Adamari López sends a message (Photo: Mezcalent)

Fonsi clarified that the song is «universal» and could be dedicated to anyone.

After all, many can relate to being trapped in a mental or emotional loop.

We have all struggled to let go of a relationship.

Fourteen years after their highly publicized split, this song threw Adamari and Fonsi back into the limelight.

He says it’s not about Adamari

Luis Fonsi, singer-songwriter, Puerto Rico, MundoNow
Adamari López sends a message (Photo: Mezcalent)

“This song isn’t aimed at her. I don’t appreciate people speculating about my life, especially on delicate matters,» Fonsi said.

«I’ve learned not to meddle in anyone’s life early on because it’s not my place,» he asserted.

Although he’s stated that the song isn’t about his ex, many are still suspicious.

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