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Inicio » English » Entertainment » Adamari López returns to ‘Hoy Día’ with a new body? Her tiny waist gives her away (VIDEO)

Adamari López returns to ‘Hoy Día’ with a new body? Her tiny waist gives her away (VIDEO)

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  • Adamari López was on vacation and came back looking even more spectacular.
  • Toni Costa’s ex has a tiny waist.
  • Adamari López confirmed suspicions in a spectacular neon dress.

Adamari López returned to Hoy Día after a European vacation where she was accompanied by her daughter Alaïa and many friends enjoying the streets of Paris and other cities. However, nobody expected that when she returned, she would look so different.

Separating from Toni Costa was the best thing that could have happened to the Puerto Rican host, since both have managed to focus on their physical appearance. While the Spanish dancer gained muscle mass, Adamari López shed some extra pounds and is now showing that her exercise and disciplined diet paid off.

Adamari López looks spectacular

Adamari Lopez returned

Although she had already taken some spectacular photographs on the beach, the truth is that Adamari López has continued to lose weight and tone her body — so much so that she demonstrated it in a spectacular neon dress highlighting a wasp waist.

To the rhythm of music, with the best attitude and a spectacular tan, Adamari López manifested herself in the photo for Hoy Día to make it clear that she gives strength to the program with her charisma and presence. She has millions of fans who follow her and who are happy to see her physical progress.

Gorgeous neon dress highlights Adamari’s tiny waist

She came back in a neon dress

“Look who came recharged with energy! @adamarilopez is back on #hoyDia… We are waiting for you with a great show!” is the description of the video on the show’s Instagram where you can see that Adamari López returned to set fire to the TV with her body.

«Long live Colombia, I came from my vacation and I’m free to celebrate the independence of Colombia here on Hoy Día in addition to bringing you all the information about the show, don’t miss it… I’m going to eat arepas…,» the lively Puerto Rican beauty is heard saying as she dances her way to the Hoy Día set in a spectacular neon dress.

Did Adamari López have «a little fix»?

Toni Costa's ex shocking

As she walks, it is noticeable that Adamari López is more toned and tanned, but also that her belly is flatter and her waist is tinier than ever. She received thousands of comments about her physical appearance, shocking and amazing everyone.

The people who saw the video commented: “What was missing, joy came to the program! Welcome Adamari, you come back very bright, lively and more beautiful!” “Welcome Adamari. Always Beautiful!” “So beautiful we missed you, good vibes and thousands of blessings” “Wow! That color looks amazing on you! Apart from the great body you have.”

Adamari’s physique leaves everyone stunned

Adamari Lopez spectacular

The neon green dress that Adamari López chose highlighted her eyes and her body: «Ada, my pretty girl, it’s good that you’re home, I loved your trip, Rome is beautiful.» «I love the dress.» “That dress looks spectacular on you Adamari and the color is beautiful.” “Beauty of a woman.” “How beautiful she looks.”

“God, woman more beautiful every day.” “Pretty, I like the dress.” “She looks beautiful.” “That’s your color, it looks divine on you.” “We missed you a lot….welcome…you look fabulous,” commented more people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ADAMARI LÓPEZ

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