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Adamari López could be let go from Telemundo

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  • You won’t believe what is about to happen on Telemundo.
  • Some sources say that the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López could be «sacrificed» at the television network.
  • Also, more changes and layoffs are coming.

There will be drastic changes. In today’s broadcast of the program Gossip No Like, hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, the hosts said that changes and layoffs are coming to Telemundo. And one of the «sacrifices» made by this television network could be the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López, who just returned to the Hoy Día program after beating Covid.

On the show’s official Youtube channel, which has 570,000 subscribers, it was first commented that Maria Celeste Arrarás must be laughing at the failure of Al Rojo Vivo, whose format will change to focus more on entertainment.

In addition to Adamari López, who could leave Telemundo?

In addition to Adamari López, who would leave Telemundo?
YouTube photo

“They don’t know what to do with Jorgito Bernal (former host of the Suelta la sopa program, which went off the air last December), because he is from Telemundo. He’s not from Suelta la sopa. He is very correct, very political, although he has his scandals,” said Javier Ceriani.

Next, the Argentine journalist asked if it was possible for Jorge Bernal to join the Al Rojo Vivo program. For her part, Elisa Beristain commented: “He was hired by Telemundo all the time and depended on them.»

There might be problems at Hoy Día

There would be problems in the Today program
YouTube photo

“Drastic changes at Hoy Día, which some call ‘Ayer Día’. Two leave. Very famous, who do entertainment. They leave: but we are going to the core because this program was born the wrong way,” said Javier Ceriani. Then photographs of Arantxa Loizaga and Nacho Lozano were shown.

«Nacho Lozano and Arantxa Loizaga, who for me is a perfect stranger, I don’t even know who she is, they are like cats and dogs, every day she gets up and complains about Nacho Lozano to Patsy Loris, the executive. This started wrong from the first day. They get along very badly.”

What’s going to happen to Adamari?

Where will they 'put' Adamari?
YouTube photo

Next, Elisa Beristain said that after leaving Hoy Día, Adamari López would appear in soap operas, where she would play the villain: “I feel that it fits very well, not with the image that she thinks she shows on her social media, but with the image that she really has.”

Javier Ceriani added that this decision would have been made after the Puerto Rican actress and host lost weight, since she would no longer be «the chubby one who cries for her illnesses.» Now she’s the skinny one, ‘chiquirruca’, who competes with the girlfriend of her ex-husband, Toni Costa.

La Chiquibaby, is she following Adamari López?

La Chiquibaby, would you accompany Adamari López?
YouTube photo

For her part, host Stephanie Himonidis, better known as La Chiquibaby, who recently became a mother for the first time, has made a pilot, although not much is known about it.

«With Nicole Suárez they don’t know whether to continue with her for Hoy Día. And they want to do The View, but where are they going to get this amount of personalities in the Latin market?» Javier Ceriani asked, to which Elisa Beristain replied that a suitable person would be María Celeste Arrarás, although she’s not loved on Telemundo.

And what about Al Rojo Vivo?

And with Al Rojo Vivo?
YouTube photo

Among other changes that are coming to Telemundo, there are those that would take place on the program Al Rojo Vivo, hosted by Antonio Texeira, Jessica Carrillo and Rodner Figueroa. Elisa Beristain commented the following: «I think that Jessica could perfectly well stay because she started as a show business reporter.»

“They say that now she’s a big diva, very full of herself, and that she doesn’t get along with Rodner Figueroa because he wanted to steal her job when she was pregnant. This Galician (referring to Antonio Texeira) since he started on Telemundo he has the same social media, he doesn’t have more than 10,000 followers,» said Ceriani.

María Celeste raised Telemundo’s ratings

María Celeste gave Telemundo a lot of ratings
YouTube photo

About to wrap up this topic, regarding the changes and layoffs at Telemundo, where Adamari López might be ‘sacrificed’, Elisa Beristain said that the ratings that were achieved thanks to María Celeste have not been reached again by Al Rojo Vivo.

“It was not only a program where they showed you very strong images, like Primer Impacto, it also had news, both local and international, and giving it now a complete twist to show business, it’s a very strong decision” (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Adamari López would not be the sacrifice on Telemundo

Adamari López would not be the only
YouTube photo

“Jessica Maldonado is nominated to disappear, she who was from El Gordo y La Flaca and then she was rescued. Her days are numbered because they have just removed Grecia Medina from Al Rojo Vivo and Rick is the one who is now going to take over this program and a lot of entertainment programs. He never liked Jessica Maldonado,” revealed Javier Ceriani.

Finally, Elisa Beristain asked what will happen to Azucena Cierco. In addition to making it clear that Rashel Díaz, former host of Un Nuevo Día (currently Hoy Día), will only return to Telemundo as a guest host. The former Miss Universe, Andrea Meza, would be in charge of the talk show that Ana Patricia Gámez rejected.

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