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Adamari López reveals who the love of her life is (VIDEO)

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  • Who is the Puerto Rican host’s true love?
  • Adamari makes a surprising revelation on social media.
  • Has she already forgotten Toni Costa?

Celebrities never miss the opportunity to show off their love lives on social media. Now, Adamari López has made a surprising confession.

The Hoy Día host surprised everyone on social media by revealing who the love of her life is. She also made it clear how she feels about her ex Toni Costa. Well, the dancer has been very happy with Mexican influencer Evelyn Beltran, but isn’t his beloved daughter Alaïa his true love?

Alaïa is Adamari’s greatest treasure

Alaïa is his greatest treasure
PHOTO: Instagram

The beloved Puerto Rican host has made it clear how much she loves her daughter Alaïa. She shares the little girl with Spanish dancer Toni Costa. The two broke up in May 2021 but have said they still care deeply about each other.

A few months later, Costa began dating Mexican influencer Evelyn Beltrán, who her followers have nicknamed «La Bichota». It had been rumored that Toni might have cheated on Adamari with her, but both deny this.

Does Adamari feel nothing for Toni?

Does Adamari feel nothing for Toni?
PHOTO: Instagram

The Hoy Día host enjoys sharing videos where she uses voiceovers with phrases referring to past relationships. Her followers have attributed this to the fact that she wants to send hints to Toni Costa, although she says that she has already forgotten him.

It is even said that she tries to drop hints for Evelyn Beltrán also with audios like: «I didn’t want him anymore, I’ll leave him to you.» «With that personality, nobody is going to put up with you.» But so far they have shown that they don’t have much of a relationship, since Toni has said that his girlfriend hasn’t met Alaïa.

Adamari López reveals her true love

Adamari López reveals love: Surprising revelation
PHOTO: Instagram

Behind the scenes of Hoy Día, Adamari was asked who the love of her life was and her answer surprised everyone. She dedicated sweet words to the person she loves the most: «Well, I’ll tell you…»

“The love of my life is obviously my daughter Alaïa, who brings me so much happiness. She is already going to be 8 years old and from the moment she came into my life, even though it sounds corny, everything changed and everything became more beautiful. To have more meaning, to have a purpose.”

Adamari López touched everyone’s hearts

Adamari López reveals love: Everyone melts with love
PHOTO: Instagram

Adamari also said that Alaïa was the most important thing in her life and that her mere existence motivated her. «Being able to get her ahead is that unconditional love that I hope I can direct in a good way, that is the love of my life.”

The comments on the video overflowed with affection: «That’s right, children are the true loves of our lives.» «That is the most beautiful and greatest love that one can feel and you’ll never be betrayed.” SEE FULL VIDEO HERE

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